Commentary and Interviews

Profiles in Patriotism


RADM Alan M. Steinman, USCG / USPHS (Ret)
"Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in Today’s Military"

Willet Fields, WWII Veteran

Sgt Denny's Rant 060704
What It Means To Be A Gay
American Veteran In 2006

MEA in the Heartland
by Pepe Johnson
Profiles in Patriotism
Pain in the Present, TM Smith
Sgt. Denny's Rant 060718
Marriage and Military
nterview with Marty Meehan
US House Rep, 5th Dist., MA
Profiles in Patriotism
Mike Rankin, Capt, USN, Ret
Norfolk Town Hall Speech 060729
Sgt Denny's Rant 060801
The Tenth Man
IMonica F. Helms,
The Forgotten Veterans
Profiles in Patriotism
Bleu Copas, up close and personal
Sgt Denny's Rant 060815
The Military Rainbow Community
Rhonda Davis,
Relaxing Standards, Still Holding Onto DADT

Letters: A Vet writes to
Rhonda Davis

Sgt Denny's Rant 060829
The Face of Freedom
Rhonda Davis: Were you TRYING to
Get Kicked Out of the Military, Rhonda?
Profiles in Patriotism
Leslie Pope, Serving Openly
Sgt Denny's Rant 061010
An Inconvenient Hero
Two Vets In Love, 38 Years And Counting
How we lived our lives in the life

Bill Farrell: A vets View
When Military Intelligence Isn't an Oxymoron

Sgt Denny's Rant 061024
The Ntl' Coming-Out Week
 Speech at Brown University
Keith H. Kerr, Brigadier General, CSMR (Ret.)

A Gay Soldier’s Life
John F. Medeiros,
Master Sgt (Retired), U.S. Army

Hofstra Asked, We Told
By Rhonda Davis
A Lesbian Wedding on a Navy Base
Michael Rankin, M.D. Capt., M.C., USN (Ret.)
CPO Stuart O'Brien
Australian Defence Forces
Out In Baghdad
Sgt Denny's Rant 061219
Local Initiatives
National Impact

AF Academy Professor’s Continuing Education
Jim Kinzer Major USAF (Ret.)

An Ordinary Soldier
PFC Franklin Kameny, WWII Vet


DADT affects the healthcare
of gay service members
and veterans

A Veterans Day Salute
by Rhonda Davis
The Rude Blue Yonder
by Heather Sarver, USAF Vet
SgtDenny's Rant 070116
Ret. JCS Chair. and Fmr SECDEF Speak Reality
Interview with James McGreevey, fmr Gov. of NJ
by Denny Meyer
Profiles in Patriotism
James Reilly, An Ordinary Sailor
Sgt Denny's Rant 070227
Momentum:The Military Readiness Enhancement


The Carpenters Sing at Christmastime, by Jeff Petrie
former Lieutenant , U.S. Navy
1 Phone Call You Can Make, Call your Rep re DADT
Mainstream News Misses Part of the Story
by Monica Helms


Happy Birthday
Dr. Franklin Kameny
WWII Vet and Gay Pioneer

Gen. Shalikashvili Says Gays Should be Able to Serve Openly by Rear Admiral Alan M. Steinman, USPHS/USCG (Ret)

Sailor-Soldier  by Denny Meyer Interview with
Brigadier General
Virgil 'Hawk' Richard
An Army Linguist Speaks Out
by Patrick English
Mike Brazell's Life
in the Modern Navy
Take Action: Write to Tell  your Rep to repeal DADT
Gays in the Military: Connecting the Dots
byCdr. Beth F. Coye, U.S. Navy (retired)
Why We Fight, by Pepe Johnson Happy Pride 2007
Fundamentally Out;Chaplain (Colonel),
Paul W. Dodd, U.S. Army (Ret)
-Veteran-Chaplain-Preacher, by Denny Meyer

Chief Shipley Speaks Out
by William J. Shipley, Sr.

Sgt Denny's Rant 070717
In memory of a member of America's Greatest Generation - Willet Fields

The Way It Was Thomas F. Field
Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired

By Joseph C. Martin

Sgt Denny's Rant 070814 Summer Musings: Debates on war and marriage, and leader's sweet summer vacations

Trusting People with My Life

Eric Alva; Marine

Patriot Day, Sept 11,2007
Conference on Don't Ask Don't Tell, 2 Mar. 07
Bronwen Tomb; The Right Stuff The Wrong Policy; a potential leader, unselected;
by Denny Meyer
Sgt Denny's Rant 070925
3000 More Reenlistments Per Year If Don't Ask
Don't Tell Is Repealed by  Gary J. Gates, PhD
Cleveland City Councilman
Joe Santiago
Not An Ordinary Sailor
The ENDA End Game
An Intolerant Minority by Walter Brasch Jason Knight
No, Really, I'm Gay
History Briefs:
DADT Repeal resolutions


Gays in the Showers!  Oh My!
by RADM Al Steinman, USCG/USPHS (Ret)

Ty Redhouse
A Tradition of Service

Letter to the Editor
by James P. Donovan, HMC USN Ret., President, AVER

Homosexuals in the War: Should Gays
Be Willing to Serve in a Military that Discriminates Against Them?
by RADM Al Steinman, USCG/USPHS (Ret)

Lige Miller
An Appalachian Hero

Sgt. Denny's Rant 0807
Film Review: ASK NOT

Presidential Candidates' Perspectives on Sodomy and DADT By: Paul Schindler,
Editor, Gay City News

Antonio Agnone
Just Another Brave Marine

LGBT Veterans' Pride 08 Photos

The first person to tell America: 'Gay is Good'; When the Army fired Frank Kameny
50 years ago,
he began an era,
by Eric Resnick

Chicago's Salute to America's LGBT Veterans
by RADM Alan M. Steinman (ret)
Pride Month Memories Leonard Matlovich: an Inconvenient Hero
The wrong side of history: 'Don't ask, don't tell' is as repugnant as the 'separate but equal' pact before it; by Geoffrey R. Stone Elmer and Gus
Since 1945
Congressional Hearing
on Don't Ask Don't Tell

What are we fighting for? by Brian Fricke

Long Time Passing by Wes Davey MSG, USAR (Ret.)

Letter to the Editor
Landmines,  an equal opportunity killer by Robert Stout Combat Engineer

Red State Progress by Michael Rankin, M.D.
Capt., MC. USN (Ret.)
Scott West
A man of God
Not good enough to fly
Photo Essay: Matches (LGBT Vet Weddings)
Op-Ed: Equality in the Military: 
"A Social Experiment?" by
Wes Davey MSG, USAR (Ret.)
Chief Hospital Corpsman, USN, Ret. James Patrick Donovan
President of American
Veterans For Equal Rights
LGBT Vets Memorial Service, Congressional Cemetery DC, Nov 11, 08
Ninety Gay and Lesbian Servicemembers
Killed in Iraq and Afghanistan
Cecil Sinclair, A Life Well Lived Veterans' Day 2008
Photo Essay


Tucson Arizona enacts DADT repeal resolution Don’t Ask Us to Lie About Who We Are,  Don’t Tell Us We Aren’t
Good Enough to Serve
by Rhonda Davis

Milk Memories;
by Denny Meyer

A New Look at the Zogby /Palm Center Data
on Gays in the Military
By RADM Alan M. Steinman,

Inauguration Memories
Denny Meyer

The Forgotten Veterans, by Monica Helms A CALL TO SERVE
Sandra L. Bochonok
Flag Memories
by Denny Meyer

Transgender Veterans: Beyond ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ transgender vets face different
discriminations in the armed services
by Joseph Peņa

Lea Brown

Kameny Memories
By Denny Meyer
12000 Flags and 28 Flag Officers
Make a Powerful Statement

By RADM Alan M. Steinman  (Ret)
Kevin Wegener
Another Leader Lost
The Gay Veterans Movement To Achieve Equality In America's Armed Forces, by
James Darby & Patrick Bova
Statement by 28 Generals and Admirals
Calling for Lifting the Ban
A Soldier Speaks Danny Ingram
AVER Southern Region VP
Letter to the Editor:
a gay soldier's husband


Live from Iraq: An Anonymous
Army of One
Jared Polis
openly gay freshman
Colorado Congressman
Family under fire
by Dana Rudolph
James Credle
Some Kind of Hero
Democracy, diversity, and Equality; Our American Armed Forces
An Interview with Col. James McDonough (Ret.)
Director of the NY State Div of Veterans Affairs


And a Discharge for Loving One—34 Years and Counting: Leonard Matlovich By Michael Bedwell

Retired West Point Professor Speaks Out On LGBT Rights, Again; LTC Al Bishop, ret. Sgt. Laquetta Nelson
Some Kind of Leader

Gay Vets Helped Form Backbone of LGBT
Equality Movement
By Michael Bedwell

New York City Council holds hearing
on second DADT repeal resolution
Steve Clark Hall, Sub Skipper Conversations with veterans
by Denny Meyer
Sexual Orientation and Military Preparedness
An International Perspective
Conference at Georgetown Univ.  Law Center
Robaire Watson;
Designing Freedom
An Aching Is Soothed; Washington DC
October 10th, 2009;  by Michael Bedwell
Our Whole Self And Whole Story:
Honoring My Friend and Hero,
Major Alan G. Rogers, By Tony Smith

A Gay Soldier
Capt. Avner Even-Zohar
Israeli Defense Forces

There's good news and bad news, by Denny Meyer
Defending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
by Michael Rankin, M.D., Capt., MC, USN (Ret.)

Military's Loss; Corporate Gain


The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS)
and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT)
by RADM Alan M. Steinman, ret.

The Few, The Proud,
One Less
; by Julianne Sohn
former Captain, USMC

Politics and Treason,
Sacred and Profane
Memorial Day: Remembering Alan Rogers
By Sharon Alexander

My Experiences at Sheridan Kaserne in Germany by
Spec 5 David Williams

DADT: Duty and Dishonor
by Paul Cross, SFC retired
The Times They Are A-Changin'
by Aubrey Sarvis

Chief Petty Officer
Stuart O’Brien
Australian Defence Forces
a sailor's sailor

Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell 'this year' Presidential State of the Union address
by Danny Ingram
News Brief:
Court Reinstates Lawsuit Challenging Discharge on Grounds of Sexual Orientation
by Julianne Sohn

Friends and Colleagues
by CPO Stuart O’Brien
Australian Defence Forces

LT Dan Choi:I never felt freer than being in that prison

Flag Officers Call Anew for
Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
by RADM Alan M. Steinman

 Robert Stout
(President, BRAVER)
an ordinary hero
Rainbow Moment Photo:
ADF CPO O'brien at grave of Leonard Matlovich

Better For It!
by LTC Steve Loomis (Ret.)

Hat Reading, one thing leads to another, and a surprise handshake
Representative Joe Sestak
Retired Admiral,turned Congressman
fighting to end Don't Ask, Don't Tell
25 Words or Less,
Brett Edward Stout Cpl USMC
OPERATION GOLDEN EAGLE; AVER 20th Anniv Event in June Honors LGBT WWII Vets, by Danny Ingram

Survey reveals Veterans Administration
discriminates against Transgender Veteransby Monica F. Helms


2010 Photo Essay
Military Pride
Past and Present

Congressman Barney Frank [D-MA]
Talks About Gays in the Military

Michelle Douglas' struggle in ending discrimination
in Canada's military

Summer Pride Parades
Past and Present

Thoughts on Congressman Frank’s Comments On Gays in the Military
RADM Alan M. Steinman (Ret)

Angela Brightfeather
Drill Sergeant

Pride and Patriotism
RADM Jamie Barnett, Retired
"Don't Ask Don't Tell"
Jack and Bob, Two Vets,
52 Years and Counting
DADT Repeal Fails In Senate
President Obama and the Future of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; by RADM Al Steinman (Ret.)

Becky Kanis
The Challenge of Service

Sgt. Denny's Journal:
On a Day Without DADT
Dan Choi enlists, almost


Tony Breton

"It gets better"
YOU Can Make It Get Better

What to Do with Witt? The Status of the Major Margaret Witt DADT Discharge Caseby Tom Carpenter, Esq.

LeAnna Bradley
37 Years of Service
An Expectation of Equality

What I’d say to the Joint Chiefs of Staff by RADM Alan M. Steinman, USPHS/USCG (Ret)

American Family Values
Michael Noftzger


That's Not America, by Nathaniel Frank, PhD ANTHONY WOODS
Courage and Conviction
by Michael Bedwell
The Promise of Equality

Knights Out: West Point
LGBT Alumni Come Out

Larry Whitt
The Honor of Service
Loving the Navy

Out and outstanding
Research on the Open Secret: Possible Implications for Don't Ask Don't Tell,
by Andrew D. Reichert


The Devil in the Details

Michelle Moore; Doing What I was Trained To Do

Uncommon Heroes
DADT and the Courts: What’s Going On?
by Tom Field

LT Robin Chaurasiya
Patriotism Betrayed

DADT, The House Hearing

Changing Times at the VA by Mike Rankin

Oath of Enlistment
by Larry Whitt
Imagining Freedom

Kirstin Gillibrand, US Senator, New York
Speaks on Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell

  Jeff Key's The Eyes of Babylon; review


LT Dan Choi; Discharged
Under DADT
Waiting for the Beginning
Battle of the Ban, by Danny Ingram

Looking Back and Forward With Pride; By John J. Kelly

On This Day
AVER'S Newest Chapter Introducing:
AVER West Tennessee,
by Tim Smith

Duty - Honor - Country; by
Former Cadet Katherine Miller

Family Readiness by
gay soldiers husband
Gay Vet, Discharged Under DADT,
Elected President of AVER

FROM WATKINS TO WITT: Remembering Perry Watkins
by Michael Bedwell

September's Heroes


Celebrating Freedom
The End of DADT
Gay Ban, Same Old Story of Prejudice
by Danny Ingram
A Voice by A Navy Officer

PFC Frank Kameny
1925 - 2011
Gay WWII Veteran

Time to Mobilize: This is It!
by RADM Alan M. Steinman
Faded Honors Open Wounds by
CTI2 George Richard Phillip Zimmerman, USN
Coming Out
Public and Private
From New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
The Hero Next Door
(Marshall Belmaine)


Why DADT Repeal Implementation is
“Shovel Ready;” By Michael Bedwell

A Meaningful Life
by Lori Wilfahrt

A Tale of Two Americans
by Denny Meyer

Time to ask and tell by N. Rudy Rickner A Common Thread by George Richard Phillip Zimmerman, Jr.  

Danny Ingram's Journal
Washington DC, May 9-11, 2010

AVER Honors Gay WWII Veteran
and Spouse, Together 65 Years
Values, Sacred and Profane

HIV / AIDS and the Issue of Gays in the Military; by Alan M. Steinman, MD, MPH RADM (Ret), USPHS

Chicago Civil Union: Navy Vet James Darby and Patrick Bova

Our Fallen Heroes; Pride Month Memories, June 2012

Military Partners Meet
With Pentagon Officials
Melvin Dwork
Righting a Wrong 70 Years Later
by Michael Jacoby

SECDEF Thanks and Welcomes
Lesbian and Gay Service Members Pentagon Holds LGBT Pride Event

We Must Speak for Those who May Not Speak
Steve Loomis, LTC, U.S. Army (Ret.)

Flying Out: Darin and David
by Darin Brunstad

Our Pride Across America
June 2012
The Future of DADT: A Conference on the Way Forward, Wash. DC; Nov. 17, 2010
Georgetown University Law Center
by Patrick English


The first anniversary of the
end of Don't Ask Don't Tell
by Pepe Johnson

Joshua Fontanez Proud Cadet

The Launch of the National LGBT Veterans Memorial
at the Congressional Cemetery, Washington D.C.


LTC Adam Hackel
Calmly defining courage
vote for LGBTQ rights
"This is done" by Danny Ingram, Pres. of AVER

The Long Road Home Project:
Finding a Voice on the Open Road by Marie B. Tracy

America Rejects Hate

Brigadier General Keith H. Kerr

Missouri State Representative
Zachary Wyatt; Gay Veteran
Veterans' Day 2012

What The President Left Out by Monica Helms
President,Transgender American Veterans Association

When the Tears Finally Fell
by Jeremy Johnson


Pentagon Briefing: The State of DADT Repeal Implementation, by Danny Ingram Serving in Silence before DADT By Denny Meyer Marriage in the Court;
DOMA's Destiny
Diversity in the Armed Forces of the United States of America; by Danny Ingram


From Selma to Stonewall
MEO Access Is Essential by Danny Ingram Gus Archilla,1915 - 2012
In Memoriam
Honoring Our
Greatest Generation

Servicemembers Serving as LA LGBT Pride
Community Grand Marshals by Tom Carpenter

Into the Sky Without Limits
USAF Academy Cadets
Lydia Hill and Brandon Reams
An Unrepentant Patriot
In Memoriam: GEN John Shalikashvili, USA
(1936-2011) A True Hero to Gay, Lesbian
and Bisexual Service Members, By
RADM Alan M. Steinman USPHS/USCG

What Marriage Means To Me
by Denny Meyer

Guns & Love:
Courage & Cowardice

OutServe: Serving Now and After Repeal by
former Marine Captain Tom Carpenter

Two Navy Vets Wed in Native American Ceremony
Coming home; A story from a Memorial Day dream
by Denny Meyer

Its a Gay Military Thing by Danny Ingram

Lee Reinhart;
a Perpetual Patriot
Teleological Thoughts
(Ding Dong, DOMA's Dead)

Military Freedom Day 20 September 2011
by Danny Ingram

Michael Hanko; A Singing Soldier: "Platoon Lieder" The Dream Chronicles

Is Our Future in a Commission for Rights of Military Service; by Steve Loomis, LTC (Ret)

Jack Strouss is 90 Years Old
by Danny Ingram
March in Pride
on Veterans Day


Taps for “the Charles Lindberg
of the Gay Movement”
(Leonard Matlovich)
Remembering Kennedy
The Kiss RADM Steinman to marry


In Australia with the Diggers! By Mike Rankin

US Representative
Mike Michaud (D ME)
Out and Proud
Pride and Victory: Now what?

A Kiss Is Not Enough by Danny Ingram

Elmer Lokkins
1919 - 2013

In Memoriam
Transgender American
Veterans Association's
revitalized mission

Take Care of Yourself; by Danny Ingram


Gay Courage

Congressman, LGBT leaders press Navy
for a ship to be named USS Harvey Milk

Charles Schoen
1926 - 2014
A Funeral, A Wedding, A Kiss,
A Parade

At the White House by Danny Ingram

Staying on course
by Lee Reinhart

Illegal Immigrant
Repeal, One Year Later 4th of July on a Mountain Top
by Steve Loomis
Our Heroes
Part I: WWII and Korea

My Atlanta Pride by Danny Ingram

Laura Catherine Perry
An Identity of Service
in a Transitional Era
Our Heroes
Part II: Vietnam



Our Heroes Part III:
Middle East Conflicts
and the DADT Era

A Tree Grows in Chicago by Michael Bedwell

Conquering the World
Evan Young


Gay in the Military: Documentary Poetry
by Gabriella Lyth Donofrio

Joanne Carroll
I can't breath
National LGBT Veterans Memorial
Launches Design Competition
Trinity Downing: Rodeo Rider,
Soldier, Expert Marksman,
Trans Woman
On the Cusp of Marriage Equality in America
VA Commitment to Minority Vets: Why Not Us?
by Danny Ingram

Shari Zabel MAJ, USAF, Ret.
Fighter Pilot

Thank you for serving

Guns for Bloody Combat or
Defense of Civil Society?
by Steve Loomis, LTC, U.S. Army (Ret)

Wishing on a Star
by Rachael Booth

Hate along the Wabash
Memorial Day 2013; by Danny Ingram

From my earliest memory
by Gene Silvestri

Supreme Court Legalizes Love, Again!
Section 60; by Danny Ingram

A Veteran’s Perspective of Transgender Day of Remembrance
by Kimberly Moore

Discharge Upgrade Update:
Restore Honor To
Service Members Act

by Danny Ingram


A veteran's remembrance

Honoring Our Heroes by U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan Sandbox Memories
by Paula Coffer
WHAT is a gay vet?

LGBT Veterans Stand Up to PTSD
by Robert Guthrie

Randi Blocker
An Uncommon Life



Bill Introduced to Upgrade Discharges
for Gay Vets by Danny Ingram

In Memoriam, USN, CPO
James Patrick Donovan, ret.
Tenth Anniversary Retrospective 2006 - 2016
AVER Elects Vietnam Vet, LTC Steve Loomis, USA Ret., as Leader for Post DADT Era


 Margarethe Cammermeyer
to Receive Matlovich Medal
at AVER Convention
TAVA relaunches with new website


A brief introduction to politically correct transgender terminology as applied to military personnel and veterans

Respect for All Veterans by Senator Mark Udall

Triumph of Determination
AVER National Convention
Albuquerque NM April 2016


  Orlando Love vs Hate
Civil Rights and Military Leadership
by Adam Fenner
  Toilet Intolerance
New Inclusive Memorial Honors LGBT Veterans
by LTC Steve Loomis
  Meatloaf memories
in black and white
Reflections on Memorial Day and Pride Month 2014 By Tony Smith   LGBT Vets Pride 2016

AVER Consults with Senate Dem
Steering and Outreach Committee
by Steve Loomis, LTC, EN



USMC DIVERSITY, by Danny Ingram   DADT Minus 5




USCG Honors First Women at Sea   Now What?
Monument to LGBT Veterans
at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery
  Soldiers' Mothers
Veterans Crisis Line Helping ALL who served   BALAGAN GADOL
AVER Honors American Heroes on Memorial Day in Washington DC   Disgrace the Nation
AVER Chicago Dedicates Monument to LGBT Veterans at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery (Part 1)   100 Day Update;
The Nightmare Continues
Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery
Monument to LGBT Veterans, Dedication
May 25, 2015 Memorial Day  (Part 2)
  Memorial Day Memories
VA Establishes LGBT Special
Emphasis Group as EEO Effort Continue
  Pentagon Drags
Delay on Trans Troops
DoD Transgender Policy Change   President's Transphobic
Transgender Military Service; The Light at the End of the Tunnel is Not an Oncoming Train
by Sheri Swokowski, Colonel, USA, ret.
  A Patriot's Lament
My Flag, My Country
John McNeill, 1925-2015, WWII Gay Veteran
by Danny Ingram
  Upstanding; Standing up to idiots by sitting down
RADM Alan M. Steinman speaks at The Citadel
By Julie A. Lipovsky, Ph.D., ABPP
Insulting Gold Star Families
A Convention to Remember;
"Be a part of history and involved
in Your Future!"  by Steve Loomis
  Where the Sun Doesn't Shine
DC Veterans Day Event
Honors Kameny and Matlovich



  The Solution
A Commitment to Diversity
from the Secretary of the Navy
by Evan Young
  toilet tongued president
Midnight in America   STATE OF THE UNION UPDATE
Who to Vote for in 1956;
satire by Buskepelheit
  Stone Deaf
We Will Continue Our Vigilance
by Steve Loomis, LTC, USA(Ret)
  President proposes
US Space Force


  Remembering Harvey Milk
In the New Year by Steve Loomis   Crude, Clueless, and Heartless
LGBT Veterans Monument
Vandalized in National Cemetery
  Dick Leitsch
Summer 1964
Transgender Veterans Speak Out   Immigrant Patriots
& presidential sins


  AVER Elects New President;
Committed to Transgender Service
Transgender Military Summit:
Integrity, Duty, Leadership
  Shooting Refugees, American Traditions, A Gay Hero

Christine Hallquist. Candidate for
Governor of Vermont




  Five Minutes to Midnight
2019 World Pride Parade Photos   presidential prejudice;
Trans Svc Ban
    State of Delusion
    An Honest Man
    Welcome to America
    An Intelligent Man
    Courage and Patriotism
Pete Buttigieg
    Military Blunders


    Fake Thanksgiving
    Bloomin' Hell
Sanders Shande
    Memories of the
previous plague:

LGBT Vets Virtual Pride Parade

    Pandemic, Politics.
Profiteering,and Protest
    presidential fascism:
-The Gates of Hell-
    First Child of