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Fake Thanksgiving

So, the cockroach was impeached in late mid December; after which members of Congress heard the gavel bang proclaiming recess, and they all fled to the hinterlands for cozy Christmas and Hanukah cheer by their hearths at home.  But, not before they had a final oratorical orgy of speeches by nearly every member of the House each trying to sound pontifically historical, hoping their words would echo down through history.  It went on for six long hours, broadcast live by all the networks, as every single Republican besmirched themselves in the foul stinking muck of Russian propaganda, word for word.  The Russian propaganda writers in Leningrad and Moscow must have laughed themselves silly, hoisting round after round of vodka as one Republican after another repeated the Russian disinformatzia.  Instead of 'impeachment,' I'd prefer a more descriptive word like disembowelment.

Turkey Trashed
The brief news report in late November was that the president had made a secret trip to Afghanistan to serve turkey to the troops on Thanksgiving.  This was roughly a month after he secretly served Syria to Turkey.

Almost all recent Presidents have flown to war zones to serve our service members on Thanksgiving.  They spend hours actually serving and chatting with the troops and generally stay overnight .  But the current White House occupant and draft dodger has previously preferred to send the vice president, who of course is expendable.  I guess this year the VP wanted to have his holiday safe on the banks of the Wabash instead.

So under the tightest secret security the president flew in under the dark of night landing with the lights out after 8:30 PM there.  Just imagine what the hungry troops there had to endure to satisfy the president's paranoia and grandstanding.  Hundreds of them had to starve and wait all day, denied the traditional afternoon dinner; then fill a mess hall hours early and wait and wait while the aromatic heated food went stale until the fake-master arrived in the hall after 9 PM and spent perhaps 3 minutes actually pretending to serve troops while the photos were taken.  He was just pretending to serve our patriots, because he was never patriotic enough to serve.  It is a disgrace that this draft dodging coward is the Commander in Chief.  In all the president spent just an hour or two on the ground in Afghanistan on an American base, and then took off again to fly safely home.  Chickenshit!

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