America, October 2019

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Weather Report;
The Final Chapter

Its just a matter of time now, before the final televised spectacle of him boarding Aeroflot 1 with bags of money, still shouting incoherently, defecting to the workers' paradise.

OK, so, the president lies all the time, makes up things, makes fake news, blames everyone else, its all routine now, the sad sick new reality.  But, the fake weather report is a mystery.  What was the point?  Why make up some stupid nonsense such as a fake weather prediction?  Why force a cabinet member to to force the national weather service to make up a bullshit 'correction' on the fake facts?  WTF?  I mean, yes, he's nuts; stark raving nuts.  But this was crazy.  Was it a 'brain fart?'  There was his press conference where he displayed a childish addition to a regular professional hurricane weather map, with a felt tip pen addition of a crude hand drawn bulge to include a portion of Alabama.  Who gives a F about Alabama? No offense, y'all, but seriously.  I was there once for training on a god forsaken military base in the middle of a swamp where you could hang up a dry towel and watch it get wet.  It was so hot that even the mosquitoes drawled.  The barracks didn't have air conditioning, of course.

So, now the presidential Alabama weather false forecaster has decreed that nearly no refugees will be accepted into the United States of America.  Except for the original native owners and victims of enslavement, this nation was founded by refugees seeking to live freely.  Every single person here, taking their freedom for granted, is descended from poor folks who came here in stinking wooden boats long ago.  But, once they forget their grandparent's language, they forget where they came from and that they were once penniless immigrants in need of a bath.  That is clearly true of our president, whose sleazy grandfather came here from Germany, and opened up a whore house in the wild west, where he exploited poor young women.  God bless America, where the grandson of a pimp can become president!  Goddamn the president who forgot that he's still white trash!

Lets get down to courage.  The world's main oil field has been bombed and everyone knows who did it.  An act of war.  The clear answer is to bomb the hell out of the country that's asking for it.  But, nooo, our tough guy president is a coward and always has been.  "Oh n n nooo, he whimpered, we don't want war"  But, we knew that already.  He chickened out of serving in Vietnam by bribing his way while faking a limp.

But, never mind all that.  As September wound down, it was revealed that our crude, vulgar, inept, blundering, con man president actually phoned up the President of Ukraine and tried to bribe him with US taxpayer money and American weaponry to investigate Biden's son's involvement in Ukrainian business enterprise, in order to enhance his election campaign.  And then to try to cover that up when the story broke, he looked right into the cameras and said something like, 'Do you think I'd do something stupid like that on an open phone line with all kinds of people listening?'  Well yeah, you dumb shit, how the hell do you think we found out about it, stupid!  So, now the impeachment wagon has left the barn; like lesser Republicans before him, at long last he's been caught with his pants down around his ankles.  I'm writing this on the fly as more and more news flashes roll in.  Now it seems that he also illegally hit up Australia and Italy for domestic political dirt.  The Italians told him, "Hell, we don't even know who OUR Prime Minister is this week! GFY."

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