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Way back in the 1950s when I was in elementary school, we used to have regular 'Atomic Bomb drills.'  Seriously.  They used to scare the hell out of us!  We even got to see videos and cartoons showing what it would be like to be vaporized, have your flesh burned off, and your bones crumble into dust, all in a matter of seconds.  It gave us nightmares!  The drill went like this: there would be a siren or a bell going off on the school PA system.  Then we would have to get under our little desks, fold ourselves up and put out hands over our heads, as if any of that would do any good in the middle of a fiery mushroom cloud.  Being 9 years old, we knew better.  Anyone my age remembers the joke: "Get under your desk, bend over, and kiss your ass goodbye."  It was funny if you were 9 and scared to death.  Well, it never happened; we grew up and lived to see the great Y2K millennium changeover in time.  Imagine being born in the 1940s before television, before the internet, before smartphones, when even telephones were  bakelite contraptions out in the hallway shared by an entire neighborhood; growing up and going to Vietnam; and growing old in the digital era.  You had to be rich to make a phone call when I was a little kid; it cost a whole nickel, more than the price of a loaf of bread!

So, what's the point of that memory?  The point is that all these years later we have to be scared of Atomic Bomb drills again, because there's a crazy person with his finger of the trigger of the world's biggest nuclear arsenal.  There are senators and other members of Congress who are now saying that they realize that he's crazy.  It's a relief to hear that, because up to now I thought he was an idiot.  But, I'm not sure if that makes things any better.

So, there's a crazy idiot running around the White House in his bathrobe, farting and thinking up Executive Orders in the middle of the night.  The halls and offices are mostly empty.  The 4,000 desks in the White House and support offices out in the Virginia suburbs are mostly unoccupied due to centralized paranoia and ignorance about how the machine of the federal government operates.


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