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UPDATE: Nov.5, 2020
One of the most iconic news photos of the 20th Century was of a broadly grinning President Truman, on the morning after his 1948 reelection, holding up the morning edition of the Chicago Tribune with the mistaken banner headline:
'Dewey Defeats Truman.'

It was a humongous joke, enjoyed by the entire nation just a short time after the end of the most horrible war ever endured.  The editors of the Tribune were red faced with embarrassment at their error and the Republicans were mortified at their loss.  But what was amazing in retrospect is that the election result was clear by the middle of the night in an era long before the first computer existed and the news was flashed across the newswires of the day for the entire nation to either read about in the morning papers, or hear about on the radio even in the most remote regions of the country.

How were the results so quickly tabulated in that primitive era?  Well, we had big bulky but very reliable mechanical voting machines.  Many like me are old enough to remember them.  You flicked little levers right next to the names of your chosen candidates, and when you were done, you pulled a huge lever that made a loud grinding noise, sealing in your votes.  It was very satisfying to hear that grinding, assuring you that your votes were in.  After that, at the end of the day, armies of dutiful election clerks across the country got some kind of printout out the back of each machine, had the results double checked by representatives of both parties working in full cooperation, and then each site location called in the results.  Bim bam boom, done like clockwork without computers, without hackers, just straightforward accurate work done dutifully and efficiently.  Now, fast forward tp tje present in 2020 when we have supercomputing networks and high speed interconnectivity when we can't possibly get the results even days or weeks later! WTF!

The current president is claiming impossible conspiracies of massive voter fraud, involving millions of votes, that would be impossible to carry out.  He is either a paranoid schizophrenic who belongs locked in a mental institution for the criminally insane, OR he knows he is lying and does not care that he is poisoning the nation with chaos and violence. Or both.  Either way, the the crime is inflated by the support of his Republican Party, who know better.

It seems clear at this writing on Thursday Nov 5th that Biden is on the way to both popular and Electoral College victory.  In earlier times, there would be a polite public concession, and we could all move on to an orderly transition in this most extraordinary democracy.  But, again, the current psychotic president is intent on creating chaos with the support of his corrupt Republican Party.

In comparison, the previous most recent corrupt president was a gentleman who intelligently and sanely cared enough for the nation to graciously concede defeat twice.  In the 1960 election, Vice President Richard Nixon conceded on the night of the election when it became clear that Kennedy had won the popular vote.  Nixon might still have been able to win the Electoral College, but he was gentleman enough and cared enough for the nation, to settle the matter as soon as he could. So, on TV, he conceded to Kennedy.  More than a decade later, President Nixon did not wait to be impeached for a botched campaign headquarters robbery that he unfortunately knew about and tried to hide.  To spare that nation the trauma, he publically resigned, again live on TV.  He famously said, "I am not a crook."  And he has been notoriously regarded as a crook ever since.  But, in retrospect, many people remember that he was a genuine gentleman who cared enough for this nation to spare it further trauma; and so ate his own pride and stepped aside.

Unfortunately, that is not the case with the current vulgar self absorbed ego-maniac traitor carelessly plunging the nation into chaos with his behavior.

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