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Proud Again

The world's most efficient and prestigious cleaning crew swept in the moment the the monster left the building.  They wheeled in enough Lysol and Clorox to choke a dinosaur, determined to thoroughly eradicate the stink.  Muscular movers in masks and gloves removed the befouled beds and mattresses and every trace of the slovenly former occupying  miscreants.  Its a huge palace, not just the visible edifice, but the vast subterranean complex of the Situation and adjacent rooms, control rooms with humming banks of computers, secret tunnels and chambers.  Everything was wiped clean and debugged.  And next came the precisely timed arrival of trucks and crews moving in the new family's pristine possessions.

In 1968, I was so very proud as I stood in my underwear along with 4000 other young men at dawn at an induction center during Vietnam and took the Oath to serve my country.  I was proud as hell when I graduated boot camp.  I was proud as hell when I walked down 5th Avenue in New York City in my uniform and started saluting all the American flags flying from every building, until I thought I was probably being idiotic, but I realized that No One was laughing at me, they were proud of seeing me do that.  I was so proud when I came home in my uniform and my father's eyes bugged out at my National Defense Service Medal, a freebee, and he exclaimed in his refugee's accent, "ACH, you heff a medal already!"  And I was so proud, years later, when I was promoted to Sgt First Class.  I thought my chest would burst with pride.  Me, a child of refugees who had arrived here penniless!

And for decades, I remained proud as hell of my service.  And then I lost my pride when I felt ashamed for my country as our vulgar former president ordered the children of immigrants to be stolen and ripped from their parent's arms and be taken away forever.  And I was ashamed for my country when he committed all his other vulgar vicious acts of national vandalism.  I lost my pride!

I thought I would never get it back.  And then I saw the child of immigrants sworn in as Vice President of the United States of America; someone like me!  And then I saw a man of integrity, decency, and honesty sworn in as President.  And I cried; me a grumpy cynical 74 year old veteran sergeant.  Yeah, I got my pride back.

So, the ogre has departed, at last.  He flew off to his luxury private golf club in sunny Florida.  Good Riddance!  He didn't speak at his successor's inauguration.  That is an incredibly rude undemocratic snub on American tradition.  Its just as well, of course.  Who the hell would want to hear him spew his lies and hate to poison such an august occasion.

And now the spineless elected members of his party are still kissing the radioactive dirt he walks on, still afraid of his destructive control, still willing to lower themselves into the stinky sewage muck of his delusional loyal minions.  I wish them the worst of luck.  Nearly every single one of his party's elected members live and speak in continual self contradiction; at one recent point denouncing his televised treason, and just a short time later nervously rushing to plunge their faces and fate up his ass.  Who the hell are these people!

I'm placing my faith and patriotism in the hands of a daughter of immigrants and the the son of genuine working class Americans.

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