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I write this on Memorial Day as an old gay veteran looking forward to Pride Month which starts tomorrow on June first.  So, what does it all mean to me?  I tried watching Memorial Day 'virtual' TV specials which featured dress uniformed sergeants, sailors, coasties, airmen, and Marines performing and singing their service songs with great gusto.  And I thought, I'd rather be seeing this live, in person.  After that, Gimmie a crispy juicy hot dog off the grill and a coke and I'll be happy.

The real Summer holiday for me starts the first Sunday in June with the first of half a dozen Pride Parades in the New York Metropolitan region.  In a normal year I can festoon my electric wheelchair scooter with Rainbow and American flags, my veterans' hat resplendent, and roll down the boulevards in glory to cheering crowds glad to se a real gay disabled old veteran.  That's Double Pride, for me.  Its more than that for me, in fact.

I'm a first generation American.  My first language wasn't English.  I grew up in a Refugee community right after World War II.  I was born here; my parents were Holocaust Refugees.  My mother arrived in America as an illegal immigrant, fleeing Germany for her life.

She told me about the day she arrived. The ship pulled into New York Harbor at dawn. Some thousand refugees crowded onto the deck. As the Statue of Liberty hove into view through the morning mist, people burst into tears and fell to their knees with the same thought: "AMERICA, Oh my God, AMERICA! SAFE, SAFE AT LAST!"

Then, the ship pulled into Ellis Island where she stood on line for 8 hours waiting her turn in front of an Immigration agent. The noise in the great hall was incessant with the babble of a hundred languages, crying babies, and the stench of thousands of refugees who had not bathed in weeks and months. Finally, she heard, "NEXT" and stepped forward and presented her tattered German Passport, no visa, no papers, nothing, She was an Illegal. The Immigration agent saw the big J stamped over her photo on the front page of her passport, he knew what that meant, she was fleeing Germany for her life. From her passport, he filled out her information on a form, and stamped it WOP (without papers) and directed her to another section to wait. Two hours later her name was called and someone who spoke German filled out her initial arrival papers and application to be allowed to stay in America. Ten hours after she arrived she was directed into the next room where volunteers stood behind tables laded with cheese sandwiches wrapped in waxed paper. THAT was her first meal in America! A lousy cheese sandwich never tasted so good.

She was interned on Ellis Island for two months and finally was given a Green Card, a Resident Alien with permission to work. On a cold February dawn, she was issued FIVE CENTS to pay for the ferryboat ride across New York Harbor to begin her new life in America. That nickel was the only welfare she ever got here! She retired 60 years later as a shopkeeper and real estate broker. She raised two sons, including me, who volunteered and served ten years during and after Vietnam.  So, yes, Memorial Day and Pride Month mean a lot to me, I'm double proud!

-SFC Denny Meyer, USAR

2021 Gay Military Signal

Party of

There used to be two political parties in America.  One was kind of more business oriented and more 'Christian,' and somewhat noticeably rich and snotty.  The other party is full of ordinary 'real' people, unionists, working class, minorities of every ilk, people who actually give a damn about equal rights and other 'good' trouble makers.  Today there is only one party of genuine patriotic Americans who believe in everybody belonging and working together.  The other party is now composed of a DISLOYAL opposition full of traitors, Nazis, racists, hatemongers, liars, and violent insurrectionist lunatics and losers, who are determined to create an anti-democratic dictatorship that excludes nearly everyone else.

The foul fraudulent party is led by our former president whose megalomania and delusional thinking caused him to invoke a violent insurrection of crazed high school dropout losers, Nazis, and racists, intent on a coup to void a presidential election and establish a dictatorship.  Within the attacked Capitol were co-conspirators, the fraudulently elected party leaders who oppose any investigation of the January 6 attack on our seat of government.  Oh yes, there are maybe two or three of those legislators who claim to represent sanity; but even they are loyal to the party's goal of voiding elections by the people, and imposing a racist one party dictatorship. Make no mistake; even these so called 'moderates' always vote with the party and are determined to trash our democracy and enable a Nazi like takeover giving themselves exclusive power to oppress the American people.

As of this writing, these dung beetles' latest treason was to vote, nearly unanimously, against a commission to investigate the Capitol Riot insurrection.  Well, of course!  Any such investigation would reveal their own treason.  Opposing the investigation is an admission of guilt.  Opposing the investigation is an act of treason in of itself.  Their stink is worse than dinosaur diarrhea.  The last aging original Nazis living in Argentina must be having heart attacks of glee.  Its hard to imagine how any member of the repugnant party of prejudice with a grain of integrity could remain a loyal member; clearly, not a single one has even a mote of decency.

All across America, these wretched cockroaches devote their efforts and power to preventing people from voting, to suppressing and destroying democracy.  Rather than thinking of ways to enhance progress, they backwardly propagate racism, sexism, transphobia and homophobia.  They viciously attack the lives of children, trans children, black children, first nation children, Hispanic children, and female children, just as Nazis did and Taliban terrorists have done.  They imagine themselves to be proud patriotic Americans when in fact they are callous terrorists imposing their violence on every minority they can think of.  They are no longer a political party, they are a movement of assholes; pun intended.

The political party they infested, once long ago had some dubious values.  They once had leaders of dubious decency such as Richard Nixon and George Bush.  But now they have descended from such turgid heights to the worship of a lying low life con man whose Big Lie they have embraced like a coven of ugly witches dancing around a bonfire of excretion.

The other day while I was waiting for paratransit, a mailman on his rounds saw my vets had and 'thanked me for serving,' 50 years too late.  I had an ugly feeling about him, so i just nodded my acknowledgement.  Sure enough, he started chatting about his white privileged disgust with the Black Lives Matter movement, wishing they'd just go away and be invisible again.  There was more but that was enough.  I guess he mistakenly thought that because I'm a vet that I shared his ignorance.  I wanted to tell him that he was clearly a fucking racist republican asshole idiot.  But, I decided not to waste my breath on a caveman, and just gave him a dirty look and rolled away on my wheelchair emblazoned with Veterans' stickers.

The point is that there are elections coming up this Summer and Fall, and if you don't vote you're going to let these Nazis take over again.  Here in New York City, nearly every elected politician is term limited this time around.  So, every seat from Mayor on down is wide open and every clown on earth has it in his or her head to run on personal idiosyncratic fantasies alone.  There are some ten candidates for Mayor including two wretched republican loonies who imagine that they are more than just placeholders.  And then there are would-be Democrats including a crazed billionaire former presidential candidate loser who thinks that bribing the voters will get him elected when he's not even qualified to be a dog catcher.  Then in my local city council district there's something like a dozen 'never-heard-ofs' running, including three Russians, two Chinese, a perennial white lady candidate, and a Lesbian mother of the far far left.  All of them want to replace the incumbent old bag who is the last surviving dinosaur of the old corrupt local Democratic machine (mind you, I'd rather vote for a Democratic crook than any righteous republican devil).  I've talked to half of them and so far can't find a single sane one.  The others apparently are too snotty to want to talk to a voter.  Oy Vey!

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