America, June 2018

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Crude, Clueless,
and Heartless

So, here we go again, where we are supposed to feel sympathy for a vilified villain because he's been crudely smeared by some vulgar person in the White House.  First it was the former FBI director who sounded the fake right wing alarm bells days before the presidential election suggesting that there might be something incriminating about the Democratic candidate in emails found in the computer of a a pervert and former Congressman married to her assistant.  When Der Fuhrer fired him for lack of loyalty we were suddenly to feel sympathy for this creep.  It has something to do with a warped cliché about 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' or something like that.

And Now its for one of the most notorious right wing millionaire dirtbag Senators whose impending demise is supposed to evoke mawkish sentimental sympathy.  The crude vulgar crap emanating in a cloud of sulfurous stink from the White House daily is inexcusable as a shame on our nation.  But that doesn't make me suddenly burst in to tearful love for one of the worst SOBs that ever walked the Earth.  I'm a Vietnam Era veteran of the USS FORRESTAL.  I'm talking about the guy who killed 135 American sailors aboard the aircraft carrier in the catastrophic 1967 fire caused by his intentionally careless joke using a multimillion dollar jet fighter loaded with a 500 pound bomb on the flight deck.  Decades later, when he ran for president, he showed a video portraying himself as a hero of the fire he started.  I know, because I was a young sailor sent to replace one of the dead.  My new crewmates made sure that I understood what had happened and who was to blame.  A righteous right wing Senator with a consistent record of wrong.  This was the man who randomly selected the worst Presidential running mate since Taylor picked Polk.  Sorry, my tears are for my shipmate predecessor who burned to death in his bunk, the bunk I inherited when I arrived aboard.  My anger is for the millions of my fellow Americans denied rights and benefits because of his voting record.  Now, in his final days he's suddenly holding his head high and noble, too late for my memories to change.

Moving on, now we come to the White House Chief of Staff who this past month said that "illegal immigrants aren't  bad people, they just don't integrate well." ..."they're also not people that would easily assimilate into the United States, into our modern society. They're overwhelmingly rural people; They don't speak English; obviously that's a big thing.”  What an arrogant imbecile!


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