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DADT Minus 5

This September was the fifth anniversary of the day gay American patriots could begin serving proudly and openly in our armed forces.  It came some 37 years after Leonard Matlovich sacrificed his Air Force career so that we could serve in dignity and honor.  It came seventy years after LGBT patriots of the Greatest Generation volunteered to serve our nation in World War II.  It came because people like Leonard Matlovich dared to speak up at a time when doing so meant certain punishment, exclusion, and oppression.  When gay American patriots stepped forward to serve after the attack on Pearl Harbor, along with millions of other Americans, they knew they would have to live a lie and stay silent and hidden in order to avoid being shot in the back.  It took true courage and true patriotism!  Leonard Matlovich, also, knew that when he came out he would be discharged despite his Purple Heart and Bronze Star for heroism and valor in Vietnam.  His epitaph, that he wrote himself, is engraved on his tombstone at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington DC:  "When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one."

In 1948, when President Harry Truman racially integrated our armed forces by Executive Order, the grandfathers of today's bigots were apoplectic with outraged opposition.  They didn't want equality to disrupt their outdated way of life, their privilege of oppression.  Ironically, it took some five years before true integration in our armed forces began to become a reality during the Korean War.  It took nearly twenty years, after Truman's heroic order, for voting equality and other freedoms to begin to become a reality.   Then, as now, there were people who fought President Johnson's progressive agenda.

Who to Vote for
in 1956

by Hildegard Buskepelheit

For those without a clue, the Buskepelheit report is intended as satire!
Its 1956!  Times are changing so fast my head is spinning.  They have hydromatic cars now where you don't have to shift, it does it for you.  Imagine, the car runs away with you!  And they have something called power steering.  I was a riveter lady in the war, I'm as strong as an ox; I need power steering like a hole in the head.

But, never mind that, I want to talk about serious matters like who to vote for.  I like Ike!  Yes, the general is a real American, not like that Stevenson!  You let them win, the next thing you know is that you'll have farmers marrying their sheep!  I mean, I'm a modern woman born in 1901!  I have nothing against a man marrying his dog or whatever.  They already smell like each other, so what's the difference?

But, never mind that; what happens out past the paving across America where the cows are kept has nothing to do with what matters.  Its the Communists!  That Stalin who wants to take over the world!  Only Ike knows how to stop him.  I know all about war, I didn't just sit at home, you know.  During the war, I worked.  I built airplanes, flying fortresses!  I even had to wear pants, those overalls with the zipper up the front.  Imagine!  You'd think I could pee standing up!

But, never mind that, its none of your business how I do my business.  What matters is voting for President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon, and Senator Jacob Javits.  These are America's leaders of the modern 1950s!  And come 1960, Mr. Nixon will be our next President.  What an honest man!


PTSD Treatment Research:  The PTSD Research and Treatment Program at the New York State Psychiatric Institute is conducting a research study on Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Therapy for Vets with PTSD; an experimental group therapy that involves doing ground exercises with horses. For further info visit  or call Anne Hilburn at (646) 774-8042.

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