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Immigrant Patriots
& presidential sins

So, the latest targets of presidential prejudice, reported in early July, are immigrant patriots serving in our armed forces.  As if the pure evil of stealing children from their parents weren't enough, this new type of treason against patriotic volunteers poisons the essence of American freedom.  There has, in the past, been an honorable path to citizenship in return for serving.   Now, the president and his appointees leading our armed services are determined to weed out immigrants, and involuntarily discharge them to prevent them from earning rapid citizenship, and deport them.  I can't imagine any better way to transform a patriot into a terrorist.  I cannot imagine a better way to embitter people who love America.  WTF!  Why?  Apparently, the reason lies in the imaginary paranoia of the president, who psychotically fears infiltration under every bed, in every closet, in everyone and anyone who isn't a white Christian bigot.  And this one fu...d up monster with the title of president is able to single handedly suck the blood out of red white and blue patriotic immigrant volunteers.  This is the same president who insulted a gold star father for being a Muslim immigrant. Way to go, president asshole.

There but for the grace of history go I.  My mother was an illegal immigrant.  If I'd arrived here with her, I could have been a target for this poison presidential policy.  But, as it happens, I was born here.  My mother raised me to believe that "there is nothing more precious than American Freedom."  So, when I grew up during Vietnam, while my straight friends ran away to Canada like dogs, I volunteered to serve.  I served for ten years and left honorably as a Sgt First Class.  Now, in case there are any zealous government employee martinets who want to hunt down my illegal immigrant mother some 80 years after she arrived at Ellis Island, they may wish to dig up her grave and deport her posthumously.  Sorry fellas, she became a citizen decades before you were born.

The latest victims, in early July, were the grandparents or uncle and aunt of a sergeant at Ft. Drum who went there to visit him on the 4th of July.  The Fourth of July!  They came to America illegally twenty years ago, went to work, bought a home, raised children, and paid taxes, and showed legal ID upon entering the base.  And under the presidential policy, these elderly fine folks had ICE called on them and were arrested and are being held for deportation. ON THE FOURTH OF JULY!  Way to go, president asshole!

Every overweight middle aged red blooded American with a flag patch on his overalls seems to imagine that he's a genuine pure American entitled to hate new arrivals; oblivious to the fact that his last name and white skin make him the invasive spawn of his immigrant grandparents or great grandparents who came here without papers, without knowing English or how to read and write, whose presence persecuted Native Americans.  He cannot imagine sweating in the hot sun bending his fat ass over tending crops they way new immigrants do, but by golly, he imagines them taking good American jobs that he's not qualified to do.  To paraphrase the president who encourages this kind of stupid thinking, "sad, very sad."

I have interviewed thousands of LGBT veterans, all of whom said they served out of pure patriotism.  But it particularly was the gay children of immigrants and refugees who said that they wanted to pay their country back for their families freedom and that they weren't going to let being gay stop them.  And now the man known in the White House as 'the moron' is going after immigrant patriots!  Way to go president asshole.


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