America, Mid January 2021

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Republican Riot

On Wednesday January 6th 2021, the president and Republican Party blew their own cover and showed their true selves as treasonous power grabbing anti American fascists.  They violently attempted to overthrow the US government and void an election.  The rioters were violent savage low life white trash fascists of the same virulent genetic mutations found in the disciples of Hitler and Mussolini with fecal matter for brains.

Afterwards, the butt licking elected presidential apologists, sweating profusely, appeared on TV pretending to abhor the violent attempt to overthrow the United States of America, swearing to uphold their sacred elected duty, yada yada yada bullshit.  Arrest them from their luxury tax payer paid for mansion-estates and try them for treason, sabotage, incitement to riot, and accessory to murder; convict them, and either execute them publically or lock them up for life in filthy prisons with their names erased from history forever.

The actual rioters are another problem.  Many of them could avoid being tried due to their being mentally incompetent to stand trail; in other words, for being too fucking stupid to understand what they did.  Since they renounced their American Citizenship by attempting to overthrow the government, strip them of their citizenship, fine them for every cent they have, and deport them to Syria, Iran, and North Korea where they can live out their lives in the despotic regimes that they had tried to make our nation into.  If they insist on the rights, laugh in their faces and tear up their passports.

Oh sorry, do I sound mean and coldly unforgiving?  Pusillanimous talk about unity and national healing is all well and good, but these people tried to overthrow our government, void an election, and end our way of life.  They trashed the Capitol!  I'm a multiply disabled veteran; I patriotically served ten years in our armed forces and left as a Sgt First Class.  I'm not inclined to let them go; not the psychotic treasonous members of Congress who helped to incite the riot, nor the president, and not the brainless rioters themselves.

Now, for the big picture.  All of this self destruction is happening in the middle of the world wide pandemic that is accelerating around the planet despite careful heroic efforts to try to defeat it.  Humans being inherently dumb and determined to self destruct are denying that the pandemic exists despite the dead bodies piling up around them;  they are partying wildly both brainless and maskless; and -ignoring the potential extinction of mankind- are busy plotting to overthrow their government.  Brilliant, the perfect storm.

If advanced extraterrestrials, or God, were testing us to see if we qualify to be as enlightened and peaceful enough to be allowed to continue to exist, we could not have fucked it up any more than we already have.

In case you miss my point: take the damn keys away from the president NOW, before he blows us all up.

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