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So, now the president of the United States of America has called American Jews 'ignorant and disloyal' for voting Democratic.  And some people STILL think he's not a Crazy totalitarian dictator!  As proof that he is rock solid sane, in the same week he proposed buying Greenland, and then spit in the face of Denmark's royalty and cancelled his state visit there a few days ahead of the visit, when the Danes started laughing at him.  God forbid anyone should laugh at him; and oh yes, he also claimed to be the Almighty.  At the most recent televised Democratic Presidential Debate, Elizabeth Warren was asked what was the first thing she would do if she were elected president.  Her brilliant immediate response: "Clorox the Oval Office."  I pissed in my pants laughing!

Listen, as an American Jewish Democrat, I should not be in the least surprised nor suddenly feel personally offended by the new anti Semitic dog shit coming out of his mouth.  It is after all just the latest in an endless stream of Nazi inspired discrimination-leadership.  First it was Muslims and Mexicans, then Black American athletes, then women -all of whom he considers "nasty, ugly, and ignorant loosers,"  Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, the Federal Reserve Chairman, any Republican or Democratic member of Congress who criticizes him, and now Jews who vote Democratic -89 percent of whom do.

Let us not forget the words of the Reverend Martin Neimoeller, who wrote, following his liberation from the Auschwitz Death Camp:
"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Singling out members of one religious minority as being disloyal for voting for a political party, by the president of the nation, is about as undemocratic anti-American as you can get!  Members of his own party should be shitting in their pants in horror and rushing to invoke the 25th Amendment.  But. its not going to happen.

As for the Israel issue, the president's offence is monumental.  Here you have a reincarnation of the original Nazi suggesting that American Jews are not only disloyal Americans but also disloyal Israelis.  The inference that we have a foreign allegiance is outrageous, particularly coming from someone who is up to his neck in foreign interference with American elections and with an Israeli leader up to his neck in multiple corruption investigations, who is a card carrying Republican in violation of his own nation's laws.  FUY!

This is Not the first time Republicans have invoked that dirty trick of implying disloyalty.  When one of America's greatest heroes, John F. Kennedy, ran for President, Nixon and his fellow repugnant Republicans shouted that he owes his loyalty to the Pope because he was a Catholic and the he'd be taking orders from a foreign religious leader.  FUY!

Most recently, he's loudly criticized Joe Biden for his famed gaffes.  Imagine that, the world's most senile old fart who lies non stop and can't spell in his lunatic tweets, has the nerve to castigate America's most stable beloved leader!

In the middle of all the August angst, the nation's most prominent gay Republican organization endorsed the president for reelection.  Eyebrows popped up in apoplectic outrage across the nation's political spectrum!  "WTF?" shouted everyone who was woke.  Righteous right wing queers quite the organization in loud public pronouncements.  Considering his hatemongering homophobia and his appeal to the Supreme Court to legalize transphobic discrimination, such an endorsement was beyond comprehension.  I believe it was a classic Republican dirty trick, specifically, I think it was cynically intended as a 'Kiss of Death.'  If queers were seen as supporting the president, his despicable loyalists would foam at the mouth and turn against him in furious stupidity.

Well, so far he's screwed everyone in sight that he had promised to take care of: coal miners, farmers, Russian politicians and oligarchs, China, various totalitarian dictators who's asses he'd kissed, and crooked Cabinet appointees and White House officials and high fahlooten muck a mucks that he 'fired' TV-reality-show style.  Every time this blundering idiot turns around twitters and farts, he destroys billions of dollars in business, investments, pristine parkland property, and lives.  And STILL his ass licking political party partisans in Congress keep their noses glued up his butt fearful of missing the scent of any of his many mood changes.

Just in the last days of August as I've been writing this rant, he's ordered that the children of American military personnel born or living overseas should have their automatic birthright American Citizenship revoked!  Bloody Hell, how to assure loyalty in our armed forces!  The last and only previous leader who ordered the citizenship of a class of citizens revoked was Adolph Hitler.  In November of 1942, Hitler decreed that all German Jews had their German Citizenship revoked.  My own mother -a German Jewish Refugee from the Holocaust, by then was an American Resident Alien with a green card.  Hitler's decree made her stateless.  Apparently, that status advanced her application for American Citizenship, which she attained before I was born.  So, now our stark raving nuts dictator president has achieved another milestone in his wish to be the reincarnation of Hitler.  That act of revoking and denying the citizenship of the children of American military personnel would have made recently deceased Senator John McCain a foreigner; he was born on an American military base in Panama to his US Navy Admiral father.  In fact, that may have been his insane motivation, he hates McCain's ghost as much as he hated McCain.

The point of this month's rant: The president has finally gotten around to hating and attacking Jews.  If you still think there's no need to speak up, after his attacks on Mexicans, Muslims, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Jews and others; just remember -you're next.  What do you expect from a man who uses Mein Kamph as his guidebook to leadership?

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