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Where the Sun Doesn't Shine

Not a day passes that we do not hear about the latest 'last straw' tweeted out by the un-leader for which he should be thrown out head first into a pile of horse manure.  So the end of November storm saw the re-tweet of hatemongering fake videos produced by British low-lifes presuming to represent white nationalist supremacist sentiments or something like that.  Those of us who are still paying attention have long ago lost our last breath to loose.  The rest of the unwashed masses aren't paying attention at all, more concerned with bringing their sausage sandwich heroes home for dinner, and nothing more.  

In Australia the big scandal this year is that there have been government ministers who had dual  citizenship with horrifically foreign countries like Britain and New Zealand; unbeknownst to them, through their great grandfathers or something like that.  Horrors!  They all immediately resigned in abject disgrace, even though they were as pure and loyal to Australia as a kangaroo shitting in the bush.  If we only had scandals as sweet and gentle as that here in America.

Here at home in America, of course, we have endured outrage and scandal after scandal, without a second to spare, as actors and politicians are caught one after another with their pants down around their ankles in disgrace.  And, as if shame no longer existed, we've seen right wing elected officials denouncing Democrats as degenerates while holding their heads high and looking straight into the national TV cameras unblinking and saying that Republicans accused of filthy assault are piously innocent victims of fake news, without even daring to nervously look up waiting for a lightening bolt to smite them.  Of course, we are supposed to be used to this by now and not even notice the smell!  Nor are we to remember the Dirty-Old-Man-in-Chief bragging about his disgusting sexual assaults.  (Try to recall him bragging about sticking his stinky tongue in the mouth of some young woman, without vomiting).

Meanwhile, we are supposed to be stupid and not notice the biggest tax swindle in history since hedge fund managers stole nearly every home in America in 2008.  But, never mind all that; pious right wing loyalists are still willing to let their own children starve to death for the privilege of prejudice.

Least we forget, there is still the Russia Probe that has at last begun to probe where the sun doesn't shine, into the darkest hearts in DC.  The profoundly evil sulfurous stink emanating from across the street from Lafayette Park disgraces our sacred nation every single day; as one parasitic worm after another desperately tries to save his own ass by singing to the investigators like Nazi underlings at Nuremberg.

And the Presidential Party of supposedly high minded members of Congress?  Their pockets filled with gun gold and lusting for riches beyond their wildest rural dreams, have lowered their integrity into the sewer to stab America in the back with a poisoned Christmas tax gift. (oh dear, a mixed metaphor; oh well).  They are racing the racist president to see who can pluck America faster in his first year.

Recent news reports that the Tax Bill will result in crushing reductions in Medicare, Social Security, and everything else that makes America equal; killing the elderly and disabled through revoking their medications and housing.  Why would the right wing conspirators in Congress do this?  Is it just to get richer than they already are; or is it because they deeply zealously hate America and everything it stands for?  Particularly affected would be LGBT Americans, and especially those with HIV/AIDS.  LGBT veterans are hereby reminded that they earned the right, through their honorable service, to lifetime VA medical care.  The VA is one of the world's largest providers of HIV/AIDS treatment and research, and provides free or low cost medications, depending on income and other eligibility criteria.

And a politically correct signoff: Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings!

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