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Brigadier General Keith H. Kerr

Those impacted by this unjust law have written poignantly about what it means to them. I will be succinct and from the heart.

The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell means that all servicemembers:

  • Can recognize and honor partners at promotions & award ceremonies

  • Will bond more closely with military colleagues about birthdays, anniversaries, and daily life, building strong unit cohesion.

  • Can park near a LGBT bar and not fear his or her vehicle will be recognized.

  • Will not worry about being seen as too friendly with the gay supply clerk.

  • Not have a distinguished career ended by someone with a grudge.

  • Will not compromise honesty, integrity, or loyalty of core values

  • Can elect not to date the opposite sex for the purpose of advancing a career.

  • May devote energy to military readiness, rather than concealing one’s life and interests.

  • Not fear this is the day that the Commander will say “You’re under investigation for homosexual conduct”

  • Can establish a more perfect Union.

  • Will work to promote the dignity of every human being.

It’s been an arduous task to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. But throughout this struggle we have had the company of a great cloud of devoted patriots, all valiant men and women, who never wavered to achieve this final victory!

2010-2011 Gay Military Signal