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Summer Pride Parades Past and Present


New York City Gay Pride Parade. June 29, 1975.  On the left, plaid shirt, Bill Bland, gay Vietnam veteran and partner of NG[L]TF director Bruce Voeller. On the right, USAF TSGT Leonard Matlovich, the first gay man to out himself and fight his discharge. Next to him, left to right, Army PVT Debbie Watson, 20, and her partner, PFC Barbara Randolph, 22, the first women to do the same. They were stationed at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, where a vicious lesbian witch hunt that started the previous year resulted in seven women, including them, being discharged. Leonard’s shirt bears a lambda, then the most popular symbol of the gay rights movement. Not in the photo, USAF SSGT Skip Keith who had also outed himself.
Photo and caption courtesy of Michael Bedwell, LeonardMatlovich.com



June 13, 2010; The AVER Bataan Chapter (New Mexico) Color Guard awaits the beginning of the 2010 Albuquerque Pride Parade.  Congressman Martin Heinrich stands with the color guard under the rainbow flag with his AVER escort, former LTCDR Ron Freeney in uniform."


June 26, 2010 AVER Puget Sound Chapter
by Ruben Rivera-Jackman

New York

June 27, 2010, AVERNY, the NY Chapter of American Veterans For Equal Rights
Photo: Tony Breton

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