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The Solution

I must be some kind of idiot to imagine that I'm still finding the latest outrage to be outraged about, as if there was anything else to expect from this so-called presidency.  Over the Christmas holiday, no less, the Dump Administration came up with an 'immigration problem solution' that would make Nazis proud:  How to discourage desperate refugees from coming to America?  Take away their little children!  Yes!, no horror is too far for this administration.  This idea comes from the dark evil minds of his selected Satanic minions leading our fine federal agencies.

Upon arrival, exhausted and near death from dehydration, dirty desperate refugees are to be immediately separated from their little children.  The little screaming horrified kids are to be literally torn from their parents arms and thrown into the back of a transport truck and taken hundreds of miles away to a 'children's holding center' where they will be dispassionately cared for by people who do not speak their language.  Seriously!  Can you smell the stench of the Gestapo yet?  Now, more 'moderate' right wing monsters suggested that perhaps this should only be done in cases where the parents don't have documents proving that the children clinging to them are actually their kids.  Oh My, Nazi Death Camp directors would have loved that idea!  Sure, 'undocumented' people should all have 'documents.'  "WHAT, you don't have papers!!!?  You just forfeited your children!  Welcome to America."

How much more cruel can you get?  It makes me want to vomit my patriotism to think that this will be done in the name of America.

At the height of WWII, my own loving mother arrived in America as an illegal Jewish refugee fleeing Nazi genocide in Germany.  Thank Truman, she was allowed to stay and given a green card, met an married my father, also a refugee, and I was raised in my own loving family.  But imagine if some ICE agents had come and kicked down their door and said, "You had no right to give birth to an American child, hand him over!"  Considering what a cynical curmudgeon I am, imagine how much more wicked I'd be had I been torn away and raised by cruel nuns in some hideous orphanage!  I'd still be proudly gay; I'd still be a proud veteran; but I might not believe in a god of a another name.  Unthinkable?  This is exactly what they want to do to today's refugee families, take away their children!  Bloody Hell!

Just imagine being one of those stolen children, having a lovely suburban, station wagon, childhood, with loving 'parents,' and speaking American English; until one day in high school someone calls you a name.  You look in a mirror trying to figure out why he called you that.  "Is that who I am?" You wonder.  You go to your parents and ask, "Why don't I look like you?  Why do I look like a Latin American Indian?  Why am I not white like you?  Who am I?"  How do they explain being complicit in the theft of your life, your language, your culture, of who you are?  What is your real name, where are your real parents?  Imagine the horror of what our government wants to do to refugee families.

But wait, there's more!  Already this Autumn the federal director of something or other denied abortions for unaccompanied pregnant teenagers who had been raped on their way here to America.  Despite a woman's right to choose, enshrined by our sacred Supreme Court, this cruel appointee decided that his religious belief trumped federal law.  Dear God, save us from these righteous devils!

It is starkly clear to me that the evil Nazi mentality has risen today within our own American leadership.  Nothing seems too outrageous or cruel for them to consider and enact into law.  This is what is happening today to refugee families fleeing oppression because they do not have any legal way to properly apply to come here due to the bigoted exclusionary polices of our current Administration.

This nation was founded by refugees and immigrants!  That fact is the true uniqueness of American Exceptionalism.  It is not our might nor power, nor our 'firstness' or any other such nonsense.  It is our torch of liberty and freedom for those seeking refuge from oppression, and for those seeking a home where they can work and raise families regardless of their race, ethnicity or religion.  My mother who fled here based on that promise, raised me to believe that there is nothing more precious than American Freedom.  Its why I volunteered and served my country for ten years.  Bless her.

-Denny Meyer
Fmr Sgt First Class, USAR

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