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I didn't think that I had any outrage left in me.  But the shaming of America by the coward's betrayal of our allies has burst the damn even for many of his most loyal common mumbling Murkins.  -Those of the unwashed monolingual mumbling masses that LBJ endearingly referred to as 'Muh fellow Murkins.'  LBJ had integrity and morality.  But the current cretan in our White House has no such morality nor conscience nor coherent thought processes.  During Vietnam, he paid off doctors with his daddy's money to fake his exemption from service, sending poorer people's children to die or be injured in his place while he honed his skills at being a con artist.  He never gave the sacrifice of others a first or second thought.  Not then, and not now.  He simply dumped the Kurds like he did so many fellow Americans who patriotically served their country.  He was chicken scared of serving in Vietnam; and he's a coward afraid of defending democracy in Northern Syria.  He doesn't care who dies to save himself from the responsibility of our commitment to stand by those who have sacrificed and served our nation.  He just walked away, setting our American integrity on fire.

This is what we get when we elect a draft dodger and coward as Commander in Chief.  "We don't want war," he whimpered when terrorist nations spit in our face.  God forbid that he should risk shitting in his pants by flying to a war zone to serve turkey to the troops at Thanksgiving!  So, the ever so clever Sultan of the new Ottoman Empire tweaked the pres by praising him and told him to move American troops out of the way so he could invade Syria.  Without consulting our military or anyone, he kvelled at the praise and agreed, issuing surprise executive Commander-in-Chief orders, pull out the troops, now.  "WTF!" shouted everyone around him, "Zeite Mishugah!"  But, the idiot knew in his self righteous imagined great wisdom, that he knew what he was doing, which he didn't.

 So, what happened?  Turkey promptly invaded sovereign Syria, with full force mechanized troops and airpower using anti-American terrorist organizations as shock troops.  The Kurds, under intense attack, had to abandon the prison camps where they were holding thousands of Islamic State terrorists troops and their families, and fight the terrorist Turks for their lives.  So, IS escaped and regrouped!  So, the Kurds had to call on their enemy, the Syrian Government, to help save them.  Syrian and Russian and Iranian troops rushed north to invade Northern Syria.  Hundreds of thousands of civilians fled for their lives.  American troops were actually caught in the cross fire between all the warring parties rushing into Northern Syria to slaughter each other.  In short, all hell broke loose because our idiot president moved our American troops out of the way.  Fooken Bloody Brilliant!

He handed the Middle East to Russia and Iran, victory to Asad, and trashed the sacrifice of Kurdish and American troops' efforts at defeating IS which has now been given the president's opportunity to regroup and attack.  In short, our president has created the biggest fuck-up in modern history with one single stupid order as Commander-in-Chief in return for having his ass kissed by Turkey's leader.

Of course, he likely did not forget his precious towers in Turkey.  But, perhaps he forgot the thousands of American troops, jets, and nukes in Turkey, along with their families, on huge Turkish controlled bases.  So much for his tough guy talk about destroying Turkey's economy if they do anything he "doesn't like."  They are doing it while he talks incoherent bullshit.  And then, as Russian troops took over former American bases stocked with food and supplies, he bragged about his 'huge success in brokering a peace deal,' what horse shit!  The 'deal' was that America got schtupped in the tuchus big time by our enemies.

Late edition, added at the last minute:  Over the last weekend of October, the Oval Office butthole announced that HE had killed the leader of IS.  He bragged and bragged as if he had had anything to do with it.  He gave totally made up details, insults, and other rubbish instead of a somber announcement.  Then it turned out that he had again violated the Constitution by intentionally leaving out Democratic Congressional Leaders from the required advance notice of the operation, while at the same time informing our Russian adversary.  Impeachment?  Its a wonder that there hasn't been a military coup!

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