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LGBT Veterans Monument
Vandalized in National Cemetery

Once again in America, lunatics and losers seem to think that they have gotten permission from certain political leaders to beat up, run down, and kill minorities, and desecrate our sacred sites.  These deranged cockroaches crawl out of their caves and attack, often mistakenly, minority Americans; and places of worship different from their own.  Both mosques and synagogues have been defaced and damaged, and those who worship in them have been violently attacked and murdered.  And yet, certain leaders continue to rant publicly against 'foreigners,' and those of us that they consider less worthy than themselves to walk the Earth and live in freedom and liberty in our nation in which those virtues are sacred.

In late June, in the middle of the night at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Chicago, the recently installed LGBT Veterans Monument was vandalized with roofing tar and a crude drawing.  A granite pink triangle and recessed carved lettering were covered up and damaged.  The national cemetery staff made immediate cleanup efforts and the monument maker is assessing more permanent repairs.

According to AVER past president Danny Ingram, "The American Veterans for Equal Rights monument located in the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Chicago has been desecrated. Clearly there are Americans who think it is admirable to dishonor the service and sacrifice of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender men and women who have served and sacrificed to defend our nation’s freedom. Hate is not a virtue. Vandalism is not a courageous act. Violence against anyone is inexcusable. And the blatant and direct labeling of any person or group of people as “not even human” is the symptom of a divisive disease that eats away at the foundations of this great nation and makes us deeply vulnerable to the attacks of those who wish to destroy our democratic way of life and our efforts to expand the values of freedom to oppressed people worldwide. This must stop. America’s enemies contribute to and take great joy in our attacks on each other. If there is any group of patriots over which the American people can come together it is those individuals who volunteer to defend our freedom in the United States Armed Forces. An attack on any veteran must be seen as an attack on the things which we value most: service, honor, duty. Shame on these cowards. You are completely unworthy of the sacrifices made to defend your right to free speech. You desecrate our nation's sacred honor."

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