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An Intelligent Man


So, amidst the pack of fools stridently screeching  socialist sentiments, noses high in the air, with half assed self righteous sonorous intonations of worldly wisdom, one candidate stands aloft.  No, not Comrade Bernie, the Republican's greatest asset, proudly waiving the obsolete Red flag as if it were still 1930.  In the last election, thirteen percent of staunch Sanders supporters angrily voted for the current cockroach befouling the White House; putting him over the top even without right wing suckers falling for Russian propaganda, even without racist Republican voter suppression, and all the other dirty tricks.  Spassiba Tsovarich Bernie.

And no, I'm not talking about any one of a number of women, deeming it time for a woman to lead America.  Its a bit late for that considering that we are one of the last nations on Earth to not have been led by a woman (notwithstanding Nancy Reagan).  Not just a few, we were beat by Siri Lanka, India, Israel, Argentina, The Central African Republic, Portugal, The United Kingdom, Dominica, Iceland, Norway, Malta, the Philippines, Pakistan, Ireland, Lithuania, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, France, Poland, Burundi, Canada, Rwanda, Turkey, Haiti, Guyana, New Zealand, Latvia, Panama, Switzerland, Finland, Indonesia, Senegal, São Tomé and Príncipe, Peru, Macedonia, Mozambique, Germany, Ukraine, Chili, Jamaica, Liberia, South Korea, Moldova, Croatia, Australia, Costa Rica, Kyrgyzstan, Slovakia, Trinidad and Tobago, Denmark, Kosovo, Mali, Thailand, Malawi, Slovenia, Brazil, Mauritius, and Namibia (according to CNN).

Whew.  But only three countries have elected openly Lesbian or Gay leaders (Ireland, Iceland and Belgium).  Well, there was also King Ludwig, but he wasn't elected.  So, it may be time for America to be led by its second minority man because he's even more educated and smarter than that our smartest previous minority leader. 

The guy I'm talking about has a funny name.  It used to be that someone with a weird name could never get elected.  But, after a brilliant man with the middle name 'Hussein' got elected twice, anything goes, I think.  Right. So, what's wrong with a genius named Buttigieg?  No one knows how to say it right, so he goes by "Mayor Pete" and he's the mayor of a mid western town.  He's also an Afghan war veteran and an active reservist. Oh yeah, and he's gay and married to his boyfriend.  "OH Come ON!," some would say, "how could you ever imagine a gay man getting elected?"  Sure, in 2004 when Barak Hussein Obama gave the Keynote speech at the DNC convention, I said, "That man is going to be President!"  My friends said, "OH Come ON!  First of all he's Black, and secondly, no one ever heard of him!"  And, after he served for eight brilliant years, they elected a flaming stark raving asshole.  Like I said, anything goes now.

Pete Buttigieg speaks seven languages!  He's a Rhodes Scholar. 

Or, perhaps its time for a plain vanilla old white male who happens to be our best hope for stability, calm leadership, sensible wisdom, vital sanity, and selfless service.  Papa Joe Biden.  Oh yes, the circular firing squad has already formed, egged on the our vicious partisan president.  Women are demanding his execution before dawn for ancient paternal clean sins.  Minorities of every ilk are shrieking in righteous outrage, "WHAT?  Not another white male!  Off with his head!"  And zealous crazed socialists are bugging out their eyes in apoplectic indignation; they would rather see the current monster get reelected than allow a white male capitalist Democrat to win.

With all that chaos, I think there's not much hope, we're screwed.

What does the rest of the world think of us?  The careful crafty educated squeaky clean Chinese leaders looking at our leader think: "WHAT THE F...!"  They don't know what to do with our nutcase national captain.  The leader of North Korea is spooked thinking, "Holy Shit!  He's crazier than I am!"  The Europeans have diarrheatic stomach gas realizing that their savior protector nation has fallen off he edge of the Earth.  The British are like, "Go away! We're busy destroying our economy!"  And the Russians? -The Russians are laughing so hard at what they did that they're pissing in their pants.

What do WE think of ourselves?  The more racist, incoherent, destructive, senile, and blundering our president is, the more the deplorable loyalist middle aged Republican schlubbs of America love him.  Its like somewhere in the last 50 years they stopped teaching civics; they have no sense of right and wrong; they have become Nazis just as previously normal Germans did in the 1930s.  Sixty years ago in my all white northern suburban 'paradise' we had a junior high school social studies teacher who was a racist, he taught racism!  WE students got him fired!  We were disgusted with him.  To be fair, he was also an asshole who slammed books on his desk to frighten us and shouted at us.  Still, today the nation is full of people like him, it seems.  I would love to see Buttigeig be the nominee for President just to see the Republican majority of Indiana go nuts wanting to vote for a native son, while gagging over his being gay and a Democrat.  Ha!

So, who to vote for?  If there is any hope at all of getting rid of the cockroach in the White House, even Richard Nixon's ghost would do; or Millard Fillmore's.  Considering his refusal to legislate, combined with his preferred dictatorial modus operandi, I have a bad feeling that he will refuse to give up power, using his control of the Supreme Court, Justice Department, and Senate pusillanime. So, it must be a decisive victory and I'd vote for Donald Duck if I thought he could win.  Maybe if we give the vote to 5 year olds?

So, seriously, I'd love to have someone just like me.  A gay veteran patriot.  That would be Pete Buttigeig.  On the other hand, there is the most stable, sane, person that most people trust who is impervious to the cockroach's insults.  That would be Joe Biden.  That is where I am right now between the two of them.  All the rest of the barrel of monkeys are just jumping up and down babbling and hooting for attention.

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