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Bloomin' Hell
Sanders Shande

I am not the only one whose eyes are bugging out in outrage over the possibility of Michael Bloomberg buying his way into the Democratic presidential nomination.  He's got a sweet set of TV commercials, the finest productions that money can buy.  But, don't be fooled by the propaganda program.  There's a lot more damning dirt than critics are screaming about.  Let me count the ways to love him.

First of all, does American really need another rich white guy bullshitting his way into the presidency?  Seriously?  Secondly, he's not a Democrat, well he was, then he was a Republican, then an independent or something, and now a Democrat again.  Come on!  Do you really think you can trust someone who says "trust me!"?  Wake up, people.

Everyone is screaming bloody hell about his 'Stop and Frisk' program as mayor which victimized millions of Black and Hispanic citizens of New York City for over a decade.  Well, he inherited that racist policy from none other than the most beloved nut case former mayor who has recently been running around like a wrecking ball in Ukraine representing Herr president and appearing on television talk shows blabbing contradictions to political sanity.  Yes, it was HIS racist policy that Bloomberg so lovingly embraced.  And now, of course, Mike is suddenly presenting himself as the champion of Black America.  Even Putin's propagandists haven't had the nerve to come up with bullshit like that.  He has so many billions of dollars that he needs no contributions, he is financing his entire campaign out of the loose change in his own wallet.  There is something really fowl  about that, to me.

So who have we got running for President?  We have a stark raving one issue, one heart attack, aging Communist pretending to be a socialist who wants complacent Americans to vote for a revolution and pie in the sky; winning primaries with our without Russian propaganda.  His enthusiastic fanatic voters are the ones who voted for the Republican currently contaminating the White House in the last election rather than voting for Hilary.  Lovely stupid people.  Sanders is no less a potential dictator than the current president is.  During the South Carolina debate he said something or other that made members of the elite audience in the theatre boo him.  That shut him up for a moment; his eyes widened in outrage; and looking right at the audience he said, "OH REALLY! OH REALLY!" in an ominous tone of voice as if to say, "How DARE you!" and "Who let those people in here!?"  Very frightening; for a brief moment you could see the Stalin he really intends to be!

Next we have the current would-be dictator destroying our nation who, if reelected, will declare himself president for life; if you think that's crazy talk, you are not paying attention.

And next we have Mike Bloomberg who actually did manage to refuse to leave by running for a third election in violation of two term limits by getting the Speaker of the City Council to overrule the term limits law, for him, herself, and the rest of the conveniently cooperative council -all of whom got four more years of hundred thousand dollar+ paychecks.  Yes indeed, when it comes to raw money, everyone's a crook.

Then we have various far left and middle moderate women who believe its time to elect America's first female president.  YES, that was true four years ago before the Socialist old man fucked up the whole election.  And its still true. But we have something slightly more important to do: getting rid of the lunatic dictator befouling our democracy.

Next, there are a couple of other rich guys, one of whom promises to give every American a thousand dollars, what a fucking idiot.  Then there are a few former state governors whose names no one can remember, nice guys but interchangeably faceless.

And, of course, there's Joe Biden biding his time to finally become president; stepping on his own tongue every time he opens his mouth.  The man can't start one sentence without twice changing course and interrupting himself mid sentence.  "The answer to your question is...Look here's the deal...I'm the one who..."  And yet, it all makes sense!  I'd rather have to hear him be honest for four years than listen to that toilet mouthed liar in the White House now.

And then there is Pete Buttigieg, as highly educated, erudite, and possessing of integrity as impeccable as that of President Barack Obama, a combat veteran, who happens to be gay.  Yes, he's my man to become the next President, Vice President, or Secretary of State.
News Flash: On May 2nd Pete Buttigieg dropped out of the race for President.  First, Gay Military Signal now endorses Joe Biden.1  Second, this brings a tear to my eyes, as much as I wept for joy when Barack Obama was elected President.  I had hoped and imagined that now, with Pete Butigieig, Gay Americans could also dream the dream of being equal, of being 'goodenough,' of being whatever they wanted to be if like Obama and Buttigeig they studied hard and did not let anyone tell them "you can't do that because of what you are."  Someday.  And someday it may still be Pete Buttigieg that makes that happen.

In the last election for president, we had a number of 'reasonable Republicans' talking politely, calmly, and moderately about leading the nation down the middle of the road, more or less.  AND one loudmouth bigot banging the lectern with his shoe, shouting direct quotations translated from Hitler's speeches scapgoating minorities  a la carte and categorically; thrilling the deplorable unwashed masses with the ignorant hatred they didn't know they had and filling them with dreams of revenge against those they never heard of.  And with the help of Comrades Putin and Sanders, this KGB Colonel became the horrible president.  So, we have a far right old racist Nazi lunatic quoting Hitler as president; and we have a far left old Communist quoting Lenin, Marx and Engels running for president.  Each of them is a dangerous nut case old enough to drop dead at any moment, leaving some unelected shit-for-brains selected-for-invisibility VP to suddenly lead the world's primary democracy. Remember Dan Quayle?

So, at the end of February our stupid-TV-show-host president presented his heroic cure for the Corona virus.  In short: "Don't worry about it, everything's under control."  Sure, he fired every government scientist who disloyally didn't agree with him that science is irrelevant.  And he grandly appointed VP Pence as Corona Virus Tzar.  HOLY SHIT!  That is like appointing Mike Pence as AIDS Tzar, his solution: Prayer and perhaps genocide.  Despotic dictators around the world, including here, are dealing with the virus with religious mumbo jumbo, sacrificing entire cities by blockading them, or doing nothing because they have nothing to do.  OUR genius old leader stood on national television and advised the American people to "wash your hands."  Right, a deadly plague is going to kill billions of people around the world and this imbecile says, "wash your hands" like some silly old grandmother.  Bloody Hell!  Abandon all hope.  Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

1: The opinions of GayMilitarySignal and its editor are independent of any organizational affiliations.

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