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So the vulgar crude ignorant racist president of the United States of America told four American members of Congress to "go back to where they came from..."  It is difficult to imagine him being an even bigger imbecile than he has already been; but this does the trick.  If he can tell these American Citizens, members of Congress, to 'go back to where they came from' then he has established the justification to tell him to go the hell back to Nazi Germany where he came from.  Every word out of his mouth is straight out of Adolf Hitler's speeches.  Word for word.

He seems to be totally oblivious to the fact that the reason they were elected was in response to his presidency.  People were so wretchedly disgusted with his racist lack of leadership that they voted in the most minority radical left wing candidates they could find.  He is responsible for their sitting in Congress.

Its true that I spent my youth, in the heady 1960s in demonstrations, standing shirtless and shouting in the streets with my fist in the air.  I understand the radical mentality of those four women members of Congress.  But, I'm 72 now, and a bit more of a middle of the road Democrat; I call myself a 'Truman Democrat' -he was President when I was born.  So, I'm more aligned with the pragmatism of the Democratic leadership who are my age, like the speaker, Nancy Pelosi.  To me, the self righteous grandstanding of those four young radicals is self promoting and destructive to the goal of electing a Democrat as the next President.  And their anti Semitism isn't exactly aligned with 'equality and respect for all.'  To me, they are just as loud mouthed and self promoting stupid as the president is.  And they are just as convinced as he is of being right and justified in acting like assholes. They are traitors, Not to America, but to their party.  Did I say I don't like them, Jimmy?

BUT, I will defend their right to speak up, to my last breath.  I volunteered to defend their freedom; I volunteered to put myself in harms way to defend that freedom; I served for ten years to defend that freedom.

When our head-up-his-ass president tells them to 'go back where they came from' he units us all in denouncing his raw ignorant prejudice.  He even got the Speaker to defend them!  Yes, I know all that is intentional in order to attempt to make Democrats look like 'communist radicals.'

When a South Carolina audience of loyalists began racist chanting, saying "send her back," as the President spewed hate in his speech to them, the pretense was that the chant began spontaneously.  Really?  Bullshit!  There was obviously a presidential operative in the audience who had found 5 or 10 people willing to start the chant on his signal.  Its easy to do.  After that, within seconds, you have several thousand people shouting hate like fanatic Nazis.  It was the exact same trick Hitler used.  Later lying, saying he didn't approve of the chant, it was clear from the video that he knew about it in advance.  He paused purse lipped for half a minute with glee in his eyes, thrilled that the timing went off exactly as planned.

He and his fellow reprehensible Republicans said that the four Congresswomen 'hate America.'  How strange to hear haters and traitors speak those words against others.  No one hates America more than the president and his party co-conspirators, who work daily to deny medical care to all but the wealthiest of Americans, who trash our values and national reputation by imprisoning and torturing migrant children,  who spit on our allies and embrace our enemies, trash our national treasure parks and are determined to poison our air and water.

Every day across America, Republican Shlubbs and Schlubbesses shout at total strangers in hamburger and doughnut shops to "Go back where you came from!"  And they are almost always mistaken, taking Hindus and Sikhs for Arabs, and assuming that anyone intelligent and bilingual enough to be able to speak Spanish to be a job stealing foreigner.  These despicable imbeciles have actually attacked and even killed total strangers who simply look or speak differently.  Its tragic that these Neandrathals who can barely mumble incoherently in the only language they know, could assault others who are almost always more intelligent and human than they are.

In the news in mid July: A 3-year-old migrant girl was asked to choose between her mom or dad as a border patrol agent tried to separate the family.  The child cried as her father was hauled away to be dumped back across the border, separating the family.  Monstrous!  Even today, thousands of innocent migrant children are still being held in captivity in filth, being starved and tortured at the direct orders of our satanic president.  And his neo Nazi party members defend this crime-against-humanity as fantastic.

My mother was an illegal immigrant refugee who arrived here fleeing Nazi Genocide in Europe at the height of WWII.  Yeah, so I have a thing about immigrants, right?  Long story short, she was allowed to stay as a resident alien and later became a proud citizen.  She raised me to be an American Patriot, telling me since I was a toddler, that "there is noting more precious than American Freedom."  My father was a refugee also.  The topic of dinner table education was "Amerikanishes Freiheit," first in the old language and later in English after we left the inner city refugee community and assimilated.  We moved to suburban Long Island where I learned to speak the 'Lawn Guylind' dialect and became a suburban American kid with a county driver's license and a secret about being gay.  Oy Vey!  It was the 1960s at the height of the Vietnam war.  And after high school graduation cowards like the president either ran away to Canada or used family money to bribe doctors to write deferments from military service.  Straight boys lied and said they were gay to avoid serving.  But patriotic sons and daughters of immigrants and refugees like me wanted to volunteer to serve 'our' country.  Its how we were raised.

So, this son of an illegal immigrant volunteered to serve, first in the Navy, and later in the Army Reserve.  My gay friends looked at me in horror and said, "Are you CRAZY! You can't do that; you're a little faggot!"  I said, "Watch me!" And I served for ten years and left honorably as a Sgt First Class.  So, I think I have the right to tell our ignorant racist president grandson of a Nazi, who would have sent my mother back to her death in Europe, "YOU go the hell back to Nazi Germany where YOU came from, asshole!"

I could go on, but I think I've made my point.

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