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Politics and Treason,
Sacred and Profane

The fabulously cantankerous Dr. Frank Kameny's most blunt remarks regard the treason of those who put their own prejudices above the good of our nation.  He said, "Denying our military of the services of people who have much to offer, clearly gives aid and comfort to our enemies.  But under Section 3 of Article 3 of the constitution, giving aid and comfort to the enemy is one of the definitions of treason.  Therefore, anyone who supports the military gay ban whether by direct act or by mere word of mouth is constitutionally defined as a traitor and should be indicted, prosecuted, tried, convicted and hanged for treason.  I will gladly provide the cost of the hangman's rope out of my own pocket."

On Sunday morning December 20th, 2009 on NBC's Meet the Press, Dr. Howard Dean said that, "The Republicans have put their party before the country."  He was specifically being asked about his view on the effort to draft the Health Care Reform bill.  He was referring to determined and highly organized obstruction in order to stop the bill from going forward.  What he said was incredibly blunt, but still excruciatingly polite; he never suggested the word used above.  It seems to be about their wanting to defeat any effort by a president that they don't like and don't want to agree with on anything, while having not the slightest concern about millions of Americans who are not rich enough, privileged enough, fortunate enough, or cleverly employed enough to have any insurance for health care.  What many are thinking is, "How could they be so mean?"  But, there are also grandstanding Democrats who held out their votes for raw cash for their states, and for their professed personal beliefs regarding abortion, socialism and capitalism.  To be blunt, it was suggested, on PBS' Washington Week on Friday December 18th 2009, that those opposed to universal health care are serving the private health care industry from whom they receive substantial donations.  How convenient!  How mean, how  profane.  For them, it's just business.  What about our nation's values, what about the good of our country?

Allowing gay patriotic volunteers to serve openly in our American armed forces would not cost anyone anything, in fact it would save all the taxpayer money wasted on investigation, administration, and training replacements for those discharged under DADT.  So, it's not about the profanity of money; it's about pure and sacred bigotry, still, however, at the expense of the good of our nation.  It's the business of going broke for bigotry.  What about our nation's reputation, values, and well being?

What is really weirdly interesting is that many of the people prejudiced against gay rights are the same people who are against health care reform.  Now, what the hell is that all about?  Not all those folks are fat cat rich and comfortable.  Many have lost their jobs and homes and have no health insurance; yet they will bug their eyes out, square their jaws and fervently sing battle cries for bigotry and shout anti-government slogans about health care.  Did I say anti-government?  What's going on here, who are these people?  Who are their leaders?  Are they faithful patriots or subversives?  I'm suspicious as hell about their integrity and goals and loyalty to America and its values.

Those who are against anyone who is different from themselves, those who would deny patriotic volunteers the privilege of serving our nation, and those who would withhold healthcare from the poor and suffering, don't seem to have the best interests of America in their hearts and minds.  They seem to have confounded prejudice with faith and selfishness with sedition.

Now, of course, those who would block the service of courageous volunteers and deny healing  to the tired and hungry and less fortunate may love our country and simply have a different vision for America.    It's what my mother called, "biting your nose to spite yourself."  My mother understood American freedom; she arrived here as a refugee from religious genocide in Europe during World War II.  In fact she was an illegal immigrant, arriving at Ellis Island in 1938 without papers after an escape ordeal during which she faced death every step of the way.  She had faith in what she called 'human morality,' because all along the way total strangers risked their lives so that she could reach freedom on America's shores.  A Gestapo officer had risked being shot dead as a traitor by validating her passport at the German Dutch border, people hid her in Holland, and customs officials at the start and end of her wartime winter sea journey across the north Atlantic let her pass through to board a ship in Amsterdam and to debark to freedom upon arrival in America.  She inspired me to volunteer to serve my country at the height of the Vietnam War in 1968, despite my being gay, to pay my country back for our freedom.  I served ten years, leaving honorably as a Sergeant Fist Class.  My mother's vision was clear and simple: "there is nothing more precious than American Freedom."

Denny Meyer, American Veteran

  2010 Gay Military Signal