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Aside from the expected self-congratulatory bombastic bragging bullshit drivel of the State of the Union  speech itself; the highpoint of the evening was the 'Democratic Response' by Congressman Joseph Kennedy who delivered an impassioned  Obama-like 'running for president in 2020' spech from a high school gymnasium in his suburban Massachusetts district.  Hearing him reminded me of the first time most Americans ever heard of an obscure Illinois State Senator named Barack Obama as he delivered the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.  Hearing this young Kennedy gave me the same feeling I had that time when I first heard Obama speak, "WOW, who the hell is he!  This guy is going to become President!"  At the time, people told me I was nuts.  After all, Barack Obama had everything against his ever becoming president, his race, his obscurity, his lack of political experience, his strange name, etc.  And yet, the inevitability of his becoming President, as soon as possible, was set from the moment of that speech.  He had charisma, he had passion, he had all the right ideas!  And when young Joe Kennedy spoke, with the authentic hum and squelch of the lousy high school audio equipment in the background, I immediately thought, "OH YEAH!  This is who we've been waiting for!"

Joe Kennedy III has everything going for him.  He's a genuine Kennedy, great nephew of President Kennedy, grandson of Bobby Kennedy, he speaks fluent Spanish, has degrees from Stanford and Harvard Law School, and served in the Peace Corps.  And, he's cute as all get out!  Its inevitable.  Imagine this brilliant son of American gods, up on stage debating against that moronic bumbling baboon who soiled our national pride delivering the State of the Union address this January.

Somehow lacking the distinctive Kennedy Down East accent, he spoke plain standard educated American in a strong passionate charismatic voice denouncing hatemongering divisiveness.  He spoke supportively to Dreamers, in Spanish. He spoke to all Americans about true genuine American values of mutual respect and unity.

What can I say; he's the real thing, simple as that.  You heard it here first.  Call me nuts, its been done before.

Denny Meyer, fmr SFC USAR
American Patriot

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