On the day that same sex marriage was allowed in Massachusetts, ten thousand traditional families in Nebraska spontaneously divorced.  No, that didn’t really happen.  On the day that same sex marriage was allowed in New York, the entire state of Kansas broke off and fell into the ocean.  That didn’t happen either.

This month, on September 20th, the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy will have come to an end and gay and lesbian patriotic American service members will be free to serve openly in pride.  What will happen?  Not much.  Not much?  Just the end of one hundred years of discrimination; just the beginning of freedom for patriotic lesbian and gay Americans who want to volunteer to serve their nation in Pride.

What will happen?  Will devout Marines suddenly loose their moral fiber, burst into tears, forget how to fight, and question their patriotism?  Not bloody likely.

Will thousands of service members suddenly come out?  Please, our finest citizen service members who trained and fought together side by side have few secrets between them.  There are not likely to be many surprises, just simply freedom and camaraderie.

Maybe there might be a few conversations like this:
Corporal Jones to Sergeant Smith, “Uh, hey Sarg, I dunno if you ever noticed, but I just want you to know that I happen to be gay.”
Sgt. Smith to Cpl Jones: “Oh yeah? Well, I dunno if you ever noticed, but I happen to be black.  We’re both still Marines, and we still need to pull the f@#*in’ spider gear out of that tank.  Oh, and bring your boyfriend to the barbeque at my house on Sunday.”
Cpl Jones, “oh cool, what are we having?”
Sgt Smith, “The best barbequed ribs this side of South Carolina!”
Cpl Jones, “You mean pork ribs?”
Sgt Smith, “yah of course”
Cpl Jones, “well my boyfriend is Jewish.”
Sgt Smith, “Oh shit, well we’ll get some beef ribs for him.”
Cpl Jones, “I was just kidding, he’s not Jewish.”
Sgt Smith, “Wha! You Fa... aaah Asshole, go pull that spider gear!”

The above is NOT from one of those DoD Powerpoint troop training programs.  If today’s Pentagon training is anything like what I had 40 years ago, its dead dry, dead serious, and deadly boring.  I have the sense that they did a good job with this; but a little humor might have made the message more memorable.  The message: Equality is here to stay, get it through your head.

Equality?  Well no, not exactly.  Gay Folk will no longer have to hold hands and jump over a broom together to get married; but our marriages and partnerships and civil unions will not be recognized by any federal entity including our American armed forces.  This is because the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), enacted during the same era as DADT, is still the law and it prohibits the federal government from recognizing any same sex marriages.  So, under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the law was that “you can be gay but you can’t tell anyone, and you cannot be married to a same sex partner.”  Now, with the end of DADT, you can be openly gay, you can get married, but your marriage will not be recognized.

Here we go again!  You can get married, but your marriage will not be recognized?  That sounds just as idiotically unfair as DADT was.  What kind of bureaucrats came up with that?  Maybe there should be a law that makes it unconstitutional to make contradictory laws that limit the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of Americans.  Unconstitutional?  Its in the Declaration of Independence adopted on July 4th 1776!