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An Honest Man


So, The president has been officially deemed 'innocent' by the Attorney General that he appointed to deem him innocent.  Right.  When was the last time someone served you a hot steaming plate of dogshit? Every year around election time I try to talk friends into voting for someone I'm supporting.  They always say, "But, this guy's a crook!"  To which I respond, "Yes, but he's OUR crook!"

It should be obvious at this late date, that there are no honest decent self respecting politicians.  There is something in the DNA of people disposed to run for public office, a crooked gene perhaps.  All of that pales in the face of the vulgar current occupant who wakes up every morning in his stinky pajamas and wacks out few hundred lies before dawn, assaulting the living and the dead with fowl insults.  And now the sleazy dictator of what once was America has proclaimed that he is going to investigate and arrest his "treasonous" opponents who had been investigating him.  Wait, what country is this?  Turkey, Russia, or Amerika?

As of this writing in late March, they are keeping the actual investigative report secret.  As if everyone hasn't seen his public declarations of collusion (national TV speech asking Russia to hack Hilary's emails), obstruction (firing Comey, "because of the Russia investigation"), and treason (kissing Putin's and Kim's, and Saudi's asses), and daily tweets of incompetent treason, and stealing and caging little children.  Not to mention the incoherent sound of senility every time he opens his mouth.  On April 2nd, he was shown on the evening news on TV saying, over and over, that he wants to investigate the "orange" of the Muller investigation.  He was unable to say 'origin' as if there was some serious mental defect or senility induced speech impediment.  This is the would be dictator of America, with his finger on the WWIII button!

And like a crazed dog chasing its tail with its teeth bared ready to viciously bite the moment he catches it, the Democratic party is stabbing itself in its own heart with stridently shrieking loud mouthed prominent young hatemonger, socialist, ever so clever, smugly self righteous lunatics.  Fucken' Bloody Hell!  The far right wing Republicans could not hope for a better gift; as they try to get rich while remaking this nation as a monochromatic monarchy led by the stinking cockroach currently befouling the White House.  We're screwed!

Meanwhile: we have high-nosed, half-assed, puff-chested cartoon candidates strutting around, each trying to sound more socialist than the other.  I briefly got enthused by an openly gay mayor of a small midwestern town who is also veteran.  What could be finer!  But his seemingly snotty campaign staff couldn't be bothered dealing with Gay Military Signal's request to interview him.  Maybe they think this old gay sergeant is too foul mouthed?  So, who should we pick to run against the cockroach?  It should be someone who isn't full of themselves for starters.  Which one of them hasn't yet been pre-painted tainted by the president's prejudiced misogynistic, racist, blabbering bullshit?  Who should we vote for?  You tell me.

Welcome to the alternate universe.

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