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presidential prejudice;
Trans Svc Ban

The crimes of the would-be dictator get worse every month.  His hatemonger government has striven from the start to suppress minorities of every ilk.  Now, with the connivance of the party of prejudice, the Supreme Court has been stacked with drunks and scoundrels needing to sooth their self hate with discrimination against anyone different from themselves; and in late January the court granted its imprimatur allowing the president to invoke his ignorant ban on patriotic Transgender service in our armed forces.

The SCOTUS' discriminatory decision took place even before the court could consider conflicting opinions from lower courts, presumably because its biased justices assumed they would concur with the president's contrived discriminatory delusions.

The president's prejudice is two fold; first, he is a devout racist determined to erase every single progressive advance enacted by his predecessor President Obama; secondly, he is just plain ignorantly prejudiced against patriotic Transgender Americans.   And even the latter may be influenced by his desire to weaken America's military superiority in favor of enhancing Russia's.

So, there you have it.  Here are the details: Early on in his administration, the president attempted to invoke a ban on Transgender service simply by tweeting.  When that didn't work, he ordered the Pentagon to officially impose his ban.  Then advocates went to court to block the ban and the lower courts issued injunctions preventing the ban from taking effect.  Then, in January, a DC appeals court lifted its injunction.  This was intentionally designed to create a conflict of lower court opinions, thus forcing the issue to the Supreme Court.  Meanwhile, the administration requested that the Supreme Court not wait for that conflict to wend its way to its jurisprudence, but rather to rule in advance against allowing Transgender service to proceed in the interim.  And that's what they just did. See?  The wheels on the bus, that Transgender American patriots were thrown under, go round and round.

MEANWHILE:  as of late December, the children of immigrants were being held hostage by the president of the United States; those given freedom by President Obama under the DACA program.  I was born here, after World War II, but I could just as well have been born in a postwar DP camp, amidst the rubble in Europe in the mid 1940s.  These young 'Americans' are my brothers and sisters!  The evil current president wants to dangle their freedom to trade for a medieval six billion dollar wall, just to rival China's Great Wall.  The magnificent Chinese Wall, built of stone hundreds of years ago to ward off the Mogul hordes, was wide enough to hold an emperor's army on its high battlement ramparts.  The president's wall, on the other hand, would be six billion dollars worth of ugly rusty steel slats topped with penitentiary style barbed wire.  If that is a victorious edifice, so is a pile of dog shit.

Imagine the humanitarian resettlement communities that could be built with six billion dollars: complete with family housing units, dining halls, medical facilities, and schools!  The president prefers barbed wire, rusty steel slats, and children's cages to anything humanitarian.

Meanwhile, the American economy is being flushed down the toilet non stop.  The president's tariffs have permanently killed American export farm crop sales, while providing a golden gift to the fertile croplands of South American nations.  His crackdown on migrants has destroyed the availability of farm workers, doubling and tripling the price of vegetables in America.  His useless wall will cost more than twice as much as it would have prior to his tariff on the imported steel needed to build it.

Welcome to the alternate universe.

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