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History Briefs: Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal resolutions

In New York City in the spring of 2005, the New York chapter of AVER succeeded in it's initiative for the New York City Council to pass the nation's first DADT repeal resolution.  The members of AVER-NY volunteered their time in a fifteen month grass-roots effort, calling, faxing, and cajoling council members to support the initiative.  The total expenditure for the entire project was only $200 to bring Dr. Franklin Kameny to NYC by train to testify at the hearing prior to the vote.  A national movement followed New York's example, with DADT repeal resolutions in West Hollywood, Cathedral City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Portland, Chicago, Atlanta, Tucson and the California State Legislature.  Never doubt that a few determined volunteers can create change.

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