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State of Delusion

So, POTUS delivered his delayed SOTU on February 5h.  We live in a world of grammatically incorrect abbreviations.  It all began with President Lyndon Bains Johnson, LBJ, in the early 1960s when he came up with labeling phones linked to him with 'POTUS,' short for 'President Of The United States.'  That should have been PUS, but I suppose POTUS sounds better, particularly to Southern ears.  Although with the current POTUS its more like the Southern dialect difference between Pee Can and P'con.  He's either full of stale piss, or he's nuts.  SOTU, for 'State of the Union,' is of more recent vintage.  This year's SOTU was a Stark Raving Nuts rant by a would-be dictator using the same sort of stuck-up throaty glottal grunting that Stalin spoke with.  Its the voice of an egomaniac lunatic.

He spoke of  World War II heroes as if he were somehow claiming credit for the American victory led by Democratic Presidents, Franklyn Roosevelt and Harry Truman.  He spoke falsely about equality and healthcare as if he were claiming credit for historically progressive reforms enacted by Democratic Presidents, Johnson and Obama; while failing to mention that he has led his party of prejudice to destroy those enhanced American values.

Most insanely dangerous, he spoke of 'unity,' both foreign and domestic, in threatening terms.  He implied that failure to unify behind his demands would incur his wrath militarily, unilaterally, and unconstitutionally.  He totally missed the ridiculed applause when he implied that his regressive leadership had led to the largest number of elected females in history; as the Speaker of the House gleefully gestured behind him for those women to stand and cheer loudly and derisively.  Meanwhile, he had his own prearranged chorus of Republican rodents hooting, "USA, USA" as if they were drunks in a bar shouting at a TV showing a football game.

Commentators sarcastically praised him for not straying from his teleprompter text.  But, it seemed to me that he actually lost his place, at one point, and repeated a few phases before dropping back down to where he was supposed to be.  You could tell that he thought he'd done it smoothly, but a lot of folks were like, "Huh? What?"  It didn't matter, of course, because the whole speech was full of clichés, fake blather, and bullshit.  At the end he even had the ghastly nerve to try to steal a few phases form the Declaration of Independence but twisted to his perverse perspective.  Several times he turned sideways to show off his imagined telegenic profile with his heavily hair sprayed blond bouffant wig resplendently glued to his bald head.

At one point he delusionally ranted about "The Commies are coming, the Commies are coming..." And vowed that he would never allow 'socialism' to poison the American Way.  Of course he was trying to demean certain newly elected Democrats who support European style socialism which offers medical care for all, among other national benefits.  He, of course, idolizes the worlds biggest capitalist countries: Russia and China.

Most delusionally, he talked about a national emergency. Yes, there IS a national emergency that requires invoking the 25th amendment.

Welcome to the alternate universe.

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