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I've been trying to find polite politically correct words to describe a crude vulgar president who is, in military terminology, a #uck-up.  At one time or another every military unit has had someone like that.  They're very dangerous, causing accidents, death, screw up cohesion, and generally get bounced around until someone remembers the phrase, "for the convenience of the government, unfit for military service" or something like that. In a decade of service, I've seen NCO and officer personnel promoted up and out to get rid of them; but what does one do when the #uck-up is the Commander-in-Chief?  I've already offered to trade him to the Canadians for PM Trudeau.  First they laughed, then they barfed.

In one week in late July, he trashed his vile bigoted Attorney General for not being corrupt enough, fired his spokesman and Chief of Staff for being too honest, and then cannibalized the nation's most important teutonic agency, Homeland Security, by snatching it's four star Marine General leader to drop down to the lowly position of White House Chief of Staff, baby sitting a bunch of screw-ups.  Then he set our armed forces into total chaos by tweeting that thousands of highly trained patriotic Transgender service members may not serve; causing a news media storm the likes of which I haven't seen in a decade and a half as an LGBT military rights activist.  It took three days to respond to all the hundreds of phone and email news media requests for comment.  I gave live broadcast commentary as far and wide as New Zealand, Australia, and Europe where transgender people have served their nations with distinction for two decades.

I have no doubt that the President was oblivious to the fact that he promulgated his prejudiced illegitimate decree prohibiting the honorable service of patriotic Transgender Americans on the 69th anniversary of President Harry S. Truman's 1948 proper Executive Order integrating our armed forces.  It took years, but that Executive Order led to black and white Americans serving side by side in combat in Korea in 1953 and beyond; where they began to realize that they shared patriotism, love of their families and children, beliefs and values, and more.  It took nearly 20 years, but it led to the Voting Rights Act of 1964 and other civil rights legislation.  It took some 40 years until America had its first black Chairman of the Joint Chief's of Staff in the Pentagon.  And it took 60 years until America proudly elected its first black President.  It was all sparked by that Executive Order issued in the finest tradition of democratic American progress towards equality.

What will the current President's unhinged discriminatory decree spark?  Not progress, not equality; just the opposite.  It has sparked chaos in the Pentagon and down the chain of command in our armed forces.   Highly trained NCOs and officers now don't know what their service will mean tomorrow.  Unit commanders have no idea whether they will suddenly loose key personnel due to the discriminatory whim of the imbecile Commander in Chief who never served, who hasn't got a pigeon poop's clue about the needs and operation of our armed forces.

So far, as of late July, the Pentagon announced that nothing has changed.  All personnel will be treated with equality and respect until such time as they receive proper official instructions regarding any policy changes.  In other words, the presumed dictatorship and proclamations by tweet are not recognized.  The transphobic tweet was not well received by his own party either.  Two of the most conservative senators spoke out in response saying, essentially, that transgender patriots have every right and ability to serve.  Would Congress have the courage to actually legislate a reversal of an Executive Order?

Some media commentators speculated that the tweet was intended to distract us from the failed efforts to trash healthcare for Americans, or to distract from the investigation on election collusion with Russia, and other failures of the presidential administration.

The fact is that the tweet banning Transgender service emerged from a profoundly mean, ignorant, liar who had promised to protect LGBT rights.  The reasons given, about cost, medical care, and readiness are false facts.  In my opinion, the transphobic tweet was mostly born out of racist hatred of anything and everything the previous President accomplished.  The same shameful motivation apparently applies to the President's entire party in their treasonous determination to eliminate the healthcare program and policy that no normal American wants to end.

What to do?  Stand up, speak out, while we still have that right.

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