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Standing up to idiots
by sitting down

So now, while the people of Puerto Rico starve to death in the dark, the 'current occupant' is tweeting his ass off about kneeling athletes disrespecting the flag, us veterans, and the nation, while he sits in luxurious comfort in one of his golf resorts while being served haute cuisine food by obsequious servants at taxpayer expense.  Talk about disrespect!  The right of protest is what this nation was founded upon.  But what the hell does a Nazi 'SOB' know about rights and respect?  He had the nerve to disrespect the minority athletes' mothers by calling the righteous protestors "SOBs."  No doubt, the subtlety escapes the fan base of alcoholic drunks who just want their gladiators to score without confusing them with intellectual issues.

Meanwhile, 'the current occupant' channels 'Katrina-Bush' in his finest hour, idiotically gushing, "We're doing a fantastic job!"

If I could stand up and kneel down, I'd be right up there with those brave ball tossers, respecting our American rights, as a human, as an American, as a veteran.  But, I'm an old multiply disabled veteran; my back was wrecked jumping out of helicopter gunships during Vietnam.  If I knelt down, I wouldn't be able to get back up without some kind gladiator giving me a hand.  Believe me, despite being clearly disabled, I get a lot of shit from stupid people simply for remaining seated while everyone else stands up.

There's an old poignant photo that's been bouncing around the internet for years.  It shows a huge crowd of people seated comfortably in beach chairs watching a big Veterans' Day Parade march by.  In the middle of the crowd there's an old man in a wheel chair, wearing a veterans cap, standing with great difficulty, saluting colors in the parade.  The photo punch line reads: "Why is they guy the only one standing?"

That's respect, that's patriotism.  The photo and punch line are supposed to be funny; but it just makes me cry.  It reminds me why I served for ten years while all my straight upstanding high school friends ran away to Canada.  I served to preserve our freedom; so that people have the inalienable American right to protest against some phony asshole who waves the flag around pretending to be patriotic while disrespecting everyone in sight.

I go to a lot of churches and synagogues, for the organ music or to salute the coffins of fallen vets, not for the supplications and incantations.  Well, there's a whole lot of standing up and sitting down going on, on and on.  It is well understood that disabled people don't have to stand up, especially disabled veterans.  I sit there with my cane prominently visible, proudly wearing one of my veterans hats.  Sometimes people even turn around and mumble, "thank you for serving."  I smile and nod, not wanting to get into a conversation in the middle of a service or organ concert.  People seem to be oblivious to the fact that the minute everyone stands up, I can't see anything except a wall of fat asses!  Its annoying and even stinky; sorry!  And inevitably, there's always some asshole who is glairing at me because 'I'm sitting,'  apparently oblivious to the fact that I'm a disabled vet.

 So, now the President wants all the kneeling gladiators fired.  "FIRED!" He shouted weirdly cackling, in Alabama of all places, reverting back to his true occupation as a cheap reality TV nut case notorious for firing people.  It goes without saying, who needs to be fired.

-Proud Gay American Veteran
Denny Meyer, fmr SFC USAR

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