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Is it time to kiss democracy goodbye?  Nine months before the end of President Obama's second term, he duly nominated a new Supreme Court Justice.  The Republican Nazi Party refused to even consider the nomination, saying that the 'next president,'  elected by the people, should be able to choose the next new member of the court.  This was a violation of the Constitution and of the duty of the Senate.  They got away with it, somehow seeming quite sure that they would win the next election; very suspicious.  They naturally falsely presented their position as a matter of sacred principle.  And NOW that principle is thrown onto the shitpile as if it had no meaning at all; totally demonstrating a complete lack of integrity on the part of the entire Republican Nazi Party, a subsidiary of the Russian Federation.  Unsurprising but profoundly outrageous.

Meanwhile, the current president has repeatedly expressed his joy that Democrats are dying of the Covid virus in 'blue states' because he sees himself the leader of only those Americans who voted for him.  And even in that regard he has been totally incompetent as the bodies pile up exceeding 200,000 and climbing daily.  He gleefully encourages his Red State uneducated unwashed adherents to gather in large unmasked crowds cheering him loudly and breathing death all over each other, while he incoherently blathers hatemongering ideology.

At the same time he totally dismisses the climate catastrophe currently burning down the entire western United States, and totally ignores the climate catastrophe currently totally flooding the entire southern segment of this nation.  And lets not forget his determination to end health insurance for as many Americans as possible.  What a great leader!  If he was working for Iran's ayatollah, hatefully and intentionally sabotaging America, he could not be doing a better job.

What kind of fucking idiot would want to vote for this asshole?  What kind of Republican politician would want to lick his ass and do whatever he asks including going against their public words deceitfully spoken by them just four years ago?

Integrity?  What integrity?  Would you vote for someone whose got his hand in your pocket stealing your wallet?  Is it possible to be that stupid?  Apparently.  There are folks who would say, "I have only two dollars to my name and can't feed my own children, but I'll gladly give the money to him even though he's a billionaire."  See, they hate other people so much, who don't look like them, that they'd rather starve their own children than let those other folks get the same government money.  It is possible to be that stupid, yes.  As for filthy rich Republican politicians, its not really about hate.  And its not at all about American patriotism.  Its about Faustian power.  Its about not being able to care at all, not giving a flying damn about anyone but themselves.

As of this writing, the president's taxes have finally been revealed.  Its not even news, there's no surprise there.  Yes, he's  crook, a tax cheat.  And he's not a billionaire after all; he's broke, he owes millions, the most money he ever made was thru a fraudulent tax return.  He and his family are sucking up your money massively using government paid perks of the presidency, flying the family to Florida every weekend on their luxury jet, Air Force One.  Eating free food day and night -paid for by the American taxpayer.  Getting his wig fluffed at ten thousand dollars per fluff, and every other luxury you can't even imagine.  And still his party partisans can't shove their noses far enough up his ass.  And still the vast uneducated unwashed masses of Americans will starve to death to vote for him because he lets them hate.  The question is, who has less integrity, him or his voters.

And then there was the first presidential debate where the great leader was so afraid to let Biden talk that he did a kindergarten tantrum of interrupting, butting in, talking over, heckling, answering questions for Biden, and not even allowing the moderator to finish asking questions.  Nothing of substance was debated, and that was clearly the president's intent.  He had nothing of substance to present, just the same tired lies, insults, and infantile behavior.

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