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Meatloaf memories
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Every time something bad happens we wait anxiously for the details, worried that the perpetrator or the victim might be 'one of us,' whomever we happen to be.  We wait to find out if we'll feel the heat of hate, or want to take to the streets in outrage.  Was the bad guy one of the usual suspects, was the victim among those usually oppressed?  Either way, the news burns us right down to our souls every time it happens.  And every time, the blame game begins immediately even before anyone knows anything.

So, in July, when five cops were shot dead in Dallas and then three in Baton Rouge, the heart of every righteous American sank.  At the age of 70, the marker of my generation is 'The Day Kennedy Was Shot.'  To this day, all these years later, people my age still ask each other, "what were you doing the day Kennedy was shot."  We remember every detail very clearly.  So, when five cops were killed, my first thought was, "Oh no, not Dallas, Again!"  And this happened just two blocks from the former Texas Book Depository from which Oswald shot our beloved President.  Does it mean anything?  Probably not, not a damn thing.  The killer was too young to have had any conscious connection to the assassination that caused thousands and thousands of Americans, Black and White, to line the train tracks in tears across the nation as his funeral train rolled through.

Midnight in America


Norman Buskepelheit

During World War II there was a nightly radio news broadcast from London, aimed at Germany, that began, "Deutschen Soldaten am Rein, es ist fünf minuten vor zwölf!"  (German Soldiers in the Reinland, it is five minutes to twelve!)  'Five minutes to midnight' is a German idiom meaning, "Doom is at hand!"  It happened to be true, and it scared the shit out of Germans.

Germany was led to doom beginning in the 1930s by a madman who won over voters with his populist raving and shouting about scapegoats who were supposedly responsible for Germany's economic problems at the height of the worldwide Great Depression.  He talked about 'Making Germany Great Again' with the superior strength of full blooded blond Aryan Germans and the exclusion of 'Jews and foreigners.'  By the time that Germany had occupied all of Europe and the Holocaust genocide was killing millions, it was too late for those who realized that he was a monster madman.  Those who spoke up in Germany were rounded up and killed themselves.  It took the total destruction of Germany by Allied Forces to bring an end to the horror of his madness that had consumed his nation.

LGBT Vets Pride 2016

This year as in every year, LGBT Vets have marched in Pride in parades across America.  Here are just a few.  Watch this page for more.  Don't see your chapter here? -Send in a parade photo.

Denver, AVER RMC.  Photo: Jose Rodriguez


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