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Danny Ingram

In mid October, American Veterans for Equal Rights was invited to participate in "Diversity and Unity Day" aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune on coastal North Carolina. Three members of Georgia Chapter made the eight hour drive to participate in the event at Lejeune, "Home of Expeditionary Forces in Readiness." We were joined there on Friday by members of who helped us distribute information, share personal stories, and discuss issues about LGBT veterans, service members, and our families. We participated in the event with other military minority groups - Jewish, Latino, Women, African-Americans, Pacific Islanders - who were there to share their history, their service, and their contributions to the United States Marine Corps and other branches of our nation's military.


Laura Catherine Perry
An Identity of Service
in a Transitional Era

by Denny Meyer

As we journey through life from toddler to senior citizen, our individual sense of 'who we are' grows and evolves to form a whole identity.  For some, there are conflicts between parts of our group identity and our 'sense of self.'  In other words for example, you may early on sense that you are naturally a female, but the family, society, religion, and nation that you are a part of tells you,  "NO!  You are a boy, act like one!"   It can get incredibly more complex than that.



AVER Georgia once again had the honor, this October, of leading the Atlanta Pride Parade.  Veteran and active duty gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender service members ages 20 to 92 participated in the Color and Honor Guard who wore dress uniforms in the parade for the fist time.


Our Heroes Part III:
Middle East Conflicts
and the DADT Era
Denny Meyer

In the post Vietnam Era, America entered a unique period of world military history; we became one off the few nations on Earth that no longer required its citizens to serve in its armed forces.  The draft ended in 1973.  After that, after nervously filling out some form to 'register' at the age of 18, young Americans could proceed through the rest of their lives without ever having to think or worry about military service.  Everyone who served, after that time, was a volunteer. 


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