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and Protest

How does it look to impoverished Pakistanis to see people in Los Angeles lining up for free food in shiny sixty five thousand dollar SUVs and driving back to their beautiful suburban homes?  And how does that look to impoverished inner city Americans who see people in beautiful suburban New Jersey lining up for free Covid testing in their sixty five thousand dollar SUVs, when there is an abundance of nothing in the inner cities?

Welcome to Republican America in the middle of the end of the world pandemic!  Meanwhile every supermarket in America has jacked up prices for everything to double and more.  Following the president's lead, the pandemic is a priceless opportunity for profiteering.  Toilet paper?  If you can find it, be prepared to pay through the nose to wipe your ass.

And while the president and profiteers gleefully negotiate golden opportunities to make millions selling ventilators and stuff, the white supremacist police arrogantly see their chance to vent their genocidal hate of minority Americans, viciously murdering people all across our great nation.  

And when good people dare to protest, the president calls up the military to spray them with chemicals and machine gun fire!  Who needs terrorists when the president who never served wants our own armed forces to shoot us?

And as the pandemic spreads in wave after wave of mass infection, the president, vice president and the entire Republican party promulgate the false information that its over and its perfectly safe to party on the beaches and bars in huge crowds of unmasked hedonistic abandon.  How these leaders must hate America!  Their lips must be passionately glued to Putinh's ass.  Why else would they be working so hard to assure the horrible death of over 200,000 Americans?   With 50 million Americans unemployed and double that number disabled or elderly, why are the president and his Republican party so determined to destroy their healthcare insurance.  How they must hate America!  Why would the president and his party tear down environmental protections to re pollute our water and air?  How they must hate America!  Why would they stand firm on keeping brutal armed racist police in power.  How they must hate America!  Their sins against the people could go on for a thousand pages.  Simply, they hate America.  And their savage simple minded supporters are willing to let their own children starve to death for the privilege of prejudice.  God forbid that a minority family should receive a free bag of groceries.  NO, to prevent that, out of pure ignorant hate, they would vote to prevent anyone from getting aid, including their won children.  Dying of pride, the new Republican American value.

Now, across America, there are proud patriotic police unions vehemently publicly opposed to the transparent release of personnel reports on abusive officers.  Their leaders brazenly protest the prosecution of supposedly righteous honorable family men who have brutally murdered minorities.

And the president and his Russian Ass Kissing Republican minions tell us that everything is fine, that they have beaten the virus, its safe to go out and party, while millions are contaminated every day.  Soon, they will be telling us to ignore the bodies lying in the streets.

Just imagine a science fiction horror story about finding yourself in an alternate universe where an incurable contagion has spread to every corner of the Earth, contaminating and killing millions faster and faster.  Meanwhile all the leaders all over the planet have decided its bad politics to admit its out of control and the end is near; rather they have decided to accept as many fat envelopes stuffed with money as they can, getting fabulously rich while leading the stupid masses to happy extinction.  Awh, yes, unfortunately, its true.

Now, of course, I'm only kidding, don't worry, everything is fine, really.

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