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RADM Steinman to marry

Gay Military Signal gives a hearty "MAZELTOV!" to RADM Alan Steinman, USCG Ret., for his upcoming wedding to his long time partner USAF Reserve Master Sgt Ret. Dallas Powers. The couple is helping to raise Steinman's adopted son, and they will be married the third weekend in September.  Officiating at the wedding will be Steinman's niece, Rabbi Eleanor Steinman.

This "celebration of freedom" is significant in that as the most senior out gay retired flag officer, RADM Steinman has made momentous personal sacrifices in his efforts advocating the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell and in advancing the right of same sex marriage.  He served as the US Coast Guard's Director  of Health and Safety.  After retiring, he came out publicly in 2003 in an Op-Ed article in The New York Times, along with Generals Keith Kerr and Virgil Richard.  He served on the Military Advisory Board of SLDN, was Senior Advisor of the Call To Duty Tour (which transitioned to become Servicemembers United).

On four separate occasions he was invited by former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John M. Shalikashvili to discuss with him the issue of gays in the military at the General's home in Steilacoom, WA.  During these meetings Steinman brought along  LGBT service members and advocates of DADT repeal (including Professor Aaron Belkin from the Palm Center and Dixon Osburn, then CEO of SLDN, and Alex Nicholson and Jarrod Chlapowski, leaders of the Call to Duty Tour).  As a result of these meetings, General Shalikashvili subsequently supported allowing gay and lesbian open service in a New York Times Op-Ed article.  This was highly significant since it then  empowered other senior officers to also speak out publicly in favor of DADT repeal.  

In addition, RADM Steinman has worked closely with Aaron Belkin of the Palm Center as well as HRC on crucial research regarding LGBT military service.  And he was a co-founding member, of the Puget Sound Chapter of American Veterans For Equal Rights (the LGBT veterans' service org.), along with Michael Kilmer, Grete Cammermeyer and Julz Carey.

Later, RADM Steinman was asked to brief President Elect Obama's transition team regarding DADT, as well as the Pentagon's Comprehensive Working Group leaders  studying the DoD's transition to open service.  He was invited by the White House to attend President Obama's signing ceremony repealing the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.  Most recently, he testified in the Washington State legislative hearing regarding same sex marriage.  Hence, he is most deserving in celebrating freedom in his marriage to the man he loves.

For further information detailing some of RADM Steinman's advocacy, see the more than dozen articles by him in GayMilitarySignal.com.

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