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Military Blunders

So, now the draft dodger president, who never served, has stuck his face into our armed forces' rules of order and discipline.  (our military's original, first, Rules of Order and Discipline were written by LT GEN Friedrich Von Steuben, America's first Gay General, an immigrant, and patriotic volunteer in the Continental Army). The president  imagines that pardoning people who have poisoned the reputation of honorable American service members will gain him the votes of racist 'patriots.'  The big case in the news is about a Navy Seal Chief, that's an E7.  The guy apparently got off by killing a tied up captive teenager with a knife and then committing the ultimate perversion of posing for a 'trophy' photo with the child's bloody dead body!  WTF!  SICK!  What patriotic honorable veteran or service member would want to be led by fuck-up like that?  Our NCOs are the backbone of our American armed forces.  There have always been a few mean buttholes who got promoted; but the great majority of our senior NCOs are those who understand the immense task of being responsible for the safety and well being of their Troops, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.  Many are mentors both to those serving under their leadership as well as to younger Lieutenants learning what it takes to lead.

I should know, I was a Sgt First Class, E7, during and after Vietnam.  Sure, I know how to curse like a sailor, but Never at my soldiers!  I had to hide who I was, as a gay man, the whole time, ten years.  If my people ever even suspected who I was I would have either been killed or reported on, interrogated and discharged in disgrace.  I knew the rules, and I respected my troops, so they respected me.  Simple as that.  No, it wasn't easy; but I'm still proud as hell of my service all these years later.  But, I am sick and disgusted that the president would 'honor' someone who disgraced our service and American values.

It is not surprising that the president would want to pardon and honor someone totally lacking in morality.  It is someone exactly like him, of course.  How could the president not admire a vicious child killer; considering that he himself ordered the caging and torture of little children stolen from their immigrant parents.  He has dishonored everyone who ever served.

-Denny Meyer, fmr USN, SFC USAR

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Bloomberg?  Hell No!

So, mid November saw New York's former Mayor Michael Bloomberg blowing smoke about suddenly running for President As A Democrat!  What the Hell!  First of all, he's a damn Republican despite his having conveniently switched parties more than once.  Secondly, who the hell needs another arrogant  Rich Old White Guy running for President?  It was Mayor Bloomberg who promoted and advanced the racist 'Stop and Frisk' racial profiling policy in New York City that victimized some million young Black and Hispanic citizens for over a decade.  Some days after announcing his intention to run, Bloomberg gave a thorough apology in a speech in a prominent Black church in Brooklyn with a preacher who was full of ebullient forgiveness or perhaps gratitude for a generous donation, who knows.  Bloomberg has donated millions to many good causes; and he can pay for his entire campaign out of his own pocket.  But, its still incredibly egomaniacal and arrogant to barge into the race at this point.  The apology was broadly panned as rather convenient for a man running for president needing the black vote.

The fact that this rich crusty old fart is 77 should not be forgotten, along with his other perishable peers -the old socialists Sanders and Warren.  Being in my seventies, I'm allowed to say that, so get over it.

Lets start with his FAKE old Noo Yawk accent imitating some uneducated Brooklynite from the 1940s.  NO ONE talks that way anymore except in old time black and white gangster movies.  Every time it snowed or rained or whatever, Bloomberg hogged the evening news with a silly Press Conference as he spoke in his whiny high pitched voice using 'woids' like 'Youse guys' and pretending to have 'diffuckilty' pronouncing plain English as if he'd grown up in a 1930s Brooklyn slum instead of wealthy Westport.  Oddly, in news clips from his speeches elsewhere in the county: NO Accent at all, Hmmmm!

Then there was his stolen third term as mayor.  New Yorkers TWICE voted for term limits!  But, an 'exception' was pushed through by his lap dog the City Council Speaker who conveniently also got a third term 'exception' along with all the Council Members who voted for it; the ultimate disgusting corruption on steroids.  And stupid New Yorkers voted them all in again.  Tschhh!

So, lets look at his 12 year administration.  The best thing he did was to replace his crazed predecessor.  After that it was all downhill.  He had a huge number of highly paid appointees and commissioners in no-show jobs who had sold their souls to him after having lost surefire elections as certified left wing Democrats.  Well, 12 year ass-kissing do-nothing careers at top city salaries isn't a bad consolation prize for loosing elections. 

Bloomberg has a good rap about being for peoples rights, and other good stuff like that.  But, so did the current Hitler clone in the White House.  People are likely to think, "Ohhh NO ya don't, NOT AGAIN!  Not another rich old white guy blabbering bullshit!"  He could spent something like 100 million of his own money on this.  That's just loose pocket change to a guy with 51 Billion.  Disgusting!

Mind you, I'd vote for him, Humpty Dumpty, or Howdy Doody, if they were running against Der Schweinhundt.

=Hildegarrd Buskeppelheit, a contributing commentator, is an imaginary 1950s chopped liver lady

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