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Descent Of A Nation

The Founding Fathers gathered in that hot stinky wooden room in Philadelphia that summer of 1776 were risking their lives, their wealth, and their way of life to dare to have the courage to meet day after day to painstakingly draw up the documents to formally found the American nation.  They argued over and tweaked every single word, having had the vision to realize that what they were creating was to become the foundation of an eternal revolution of self rule, independence, freedom, and the democratic concept of self-determination.  Most of them were highly educated, well read, sharp minded men who knew very well what could go wrong with the nation they were founding.  They were determined to anticipate every element of potential disaster and craft a form of government stable and strong enough to withstand all attempts at tyranny.  They even anticipated that the vast unwashed uneducated masses could someday be duped by a damn dumb fast talking flim flam man falsely promising peasants paradise.  So, at first, they decreed that the only ones who would have the right to vote were the wise guardians of the land, the landowners, people like themselves.  It was undemocratic and unfair.  But, they were right.  Yet, over the years and centuries, fairness prevailed; and the right to vote entitlement went to every citizen of every race, women, immigrants, rich and poor, educated and uneducated.  Until the day came when a fast talking flim flam man became president and the first thing he did was to begin to deny the right to vote to those he didn't like; minorities of every ilk.

The party supporting this destroyer of democracy was founded by the original paragon of equality, a gay man, who courageously led our nation through war entered into by enslaver states.  Though martyred by bigotry, he is immortalized to this day as the bearer of the truth that every life matters.  Today, the inheritors of that party have besmirched its founding principles and sundered and soiled its values in a conspiracy so vast that those betrayed by that treason no longer know what to believe.  By their hand, truth now has no meaning, down is up, black is white, and official violence is virtuous.  By their hand, the founding fathers' checks and balances have been conquered and vanquished.  This past month they confirmed a drunken scoundrel as a Supreme Court Justice; thereby resoundingly pounding the final nail in the coffin of our nation.

By their hand, police can now presume a man's guilt by the color of his skin; and execute him because they say they are afraid.  Yes afraid; afraid of loosing their prestige and privilege.  An official army of agents now guard the border by stealing small screaming children, in the name of their leader, the flim flam man whom our nation's founding fathers sought to preclude.  And they are trying very hard to keep their 'permanent majority,' or 'Thousand Year Reich,' in power.  As they know they cannot win in fair elections, suppressing minority voting is their highest priority, using gerrymandering, photo ID and proof of citizenship laws, harassment of minority voters, purging voter roles by race and neighborhood, fake official letters with false voting information, and sending voters to the wrong location to vote.  Then there is the genuine fake news that they generate, with outright lies about opposing candidates; not to mention likely collusion with enemy nations to enhance their electability.

The treason goes back to the time of the previous presidency when they refused to even consider a Supreme Court nominee for an entire year; and then rammed in two guaranteed partisans of the current administration.  Treason!  The voter suppression goes back decades; and now the Supreme Court stacking puts the nail in the coffin of our nation's electoral integrity.  It is not a matter of something that may someday happen.  They were in such a hurry to confirm this louse so that he could immediately rule to deny voting rights to Native Americans in North Dakota in order to ensure a continued Senate Majority.  What?  An obscure new law in North Dakota was designed to void the voting rights of Native Americans by requiring voting citizens to have 'a street address' to verify who they are; some 18,000 very rural Native Americans there live in places so remote that they do not have a designated address.  The intent of the law was to specifically deny their right to vote, as most of them were registered Democrats.  The Democratic incumbent Senator, there, won her last election by only 3000 votes.  Denying 18,000 North Dakota Native Americans their right to vote will ensure her loss in this month's election.  The drunken louse was confirmed, immediately sworn in, and then ruled with the new right wing court majority to allow this clear violation of the Constitution to remain law.

IF you think your vote doesn't matter, it wont if you don't vote.  This election may be the last chance to stop the permanent takeover.  The next election after that could be cancelled by their legislative action; that the stacked court would not invalidate.  Oh, sure, just sit back and tell me I'm nuts, relax, everything will be fine; don't worry.  Damnit.  VOTE!

-Denny Meyer, fmr USN, SFC USAR

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